1 .

A student scores 35% and fails by 60 marks while another scores 60% marks and get 40 marks more than the minimum marks required to pass the exam. Find the maximum marks for the examination.

A.  600
B.  540
C.  500
D.  400
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2 .

The difference between the present age of a father and that of a son is 30 years. If 16 years ago their ages were in the ratio 5 : 2, how old is the son at present ?

A.  26 years
B.  30 years
C.  36 years
D.  40 years
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3 .

A shopkeeper increases the original selling price of an item to its twice. The initial gain per cent is given as 8%. Find out the new gain per cent.

A.  64%
B.  116%
C.  164%
D.  180%
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4 .

The average age of all the students of a class is 15 years. The average age of the boys of the class is 18 years, and that of the girls is 12 years. If the number of girls in the class is 21, then what is the number of boys in the class ?

A.  18
B.  21
C.  24
D.  25
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5 .

Ifa seller wants to earn 12% profit on an item after offering 20% discount to the customer, by what percentage should he increase his marked price to arrive at the label price ?

A.  32%
B.  40%
C.  64%
D.  16%
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6 .

Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : The incomes of two companies 'A' and ' B ' are shown in the following bar graph. Answer these questions based on this graph.

What is the difference (in Rs) between the average income of A and that of B ?

A.  4.5 lakhs
B.  3.5 lakhs
C.  2.5 lakhs
D.  None of these
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7 .

In 2004 the income of B was what percentage more than that of A in the same year ?

A.  16%
B.  32%
C.  40%
D.  48%
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8 .

If the percentage profits of 'A and ' B ' are the same in 2003 and the expenditure of 'A' is Rs 48 lakhs, what is the expenditure o f ' B ' (in Rs) in the same year ?

A.  58 lakhs
B.  48 lakhs
C.  40 lakhs
D.  36 lakhs
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9 .

The income of ' B ' in year 2002 was what percentage of the income of 'A' in the same year ?

A.  80%
B.  84%
C.  90%
D.  96%
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10 .

In which year was the percentage rise of income of Company A maximum compared to its income of previous year ?

A.  2001
B.  2002
C.  2003
D.  2004
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