1 .

5 years ago father's age was four times his son's, and at present father's age is three times the son's. Then what will be the sum of the ages of father and son after 15 years ?

A.  75 yrs
B.  80 yrs
C.  85 yrs
D.  90 yrs
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2 .

A shopkeeper bought an item at 10% discount on its original price. He sold it at 35% increase on the original price. What percentage profit did he get ?

A.  25%
B.  45%
C.  50%
D.  22 1/2%
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3 .

A bike travels a distance of450 km in 5 hours, partly at a speed of 100 knur1 and partly at 75 kmh-1. What is the distance travelled at speed of 100 kmh1 ?

A.  150 km
B.  200 km
C.  250 km
D.  350 km
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4 .

The area of a trapezium is 4000 sq cm and its parallel sides are 45 cm and 35 cm respectively. Then what is the height of the trapezium ?

A.  80 cm
B.  100 cm
C.  120 cm
D.  50 cm
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5 .

The ratio of the speeds of 'A' and 'B' is 3 : 7. If 'A' takes 16 hours more than 'B' to cover a distance, what is the actual time taken by 'B' ?

A.  8 hrs
B.  12 hrs
C.  16 hrs
D.  24 hrs
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6 .

Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : Total number of students studying in two engineering colleges 'A' and 'B' are respectively 800 and 1000.
In the given pie-charts the distribution of students according to their streams is given.
Answer the following questions based on the charts. A = 800

What is the number of students studying in Computer Science in both colleges together ?

A.  250
B.  260
C.  270
D.  280
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7 .

What is the ratio of the number of students in Mechanical stream in college A to that in college B ?

A.  2:3
B.  3:2
C.  4:5
D.  1:1
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8 .

What is the difference between the number of students studying in Civil branch in College A and the number of students studying Electronics in College B ?

A.  8
B.  12
C.  20
D.  None of these
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9 .

The number of students studying Computer Science in College 'A' is what percentage of the number of students in Civil in College'B' ?

A.  37.5%
B.  48%
C.  60%
D.  64%
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10 .

The number of students studying Civil in College 'A' is what percentage more than the number of students studying TC in college 'B'.

A.  60%
B.  90%
C.  120%
D.  150%
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