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PO English Language Test 94 ยป General Questions - Discussion

1 .

In 2012, 65 years after independence, one out of every four Indians remains illiterate. While considerable (1) has been made on (2) that almost every child enrols in school, only 40 per cent of those who are admitted to primary school make it to secondary school. Just 16 out of every 100 Indians make it to university. If these statistics do not (3) rapidly, India can expect a demographic (4) rather than a demographic (5). On evidence, no country has become an (6) superpower with such (7) indicators in education.
The first India Today Aspire Education Summit held in New Delhi on January 27 brought together policy officials, academic administrators, academics, school teachers and other interested stakeholders from both the private and public sector to debate the challenges that (8) education in India from primary school to university. The (9) of the challenge is two-fold: first, that to (10) the need to get more young Indians to enter and complete primary and secondary school and then to enter the complete university.

(6).  1) economic 2) universal 3) eminent 4) electronic

[ A ]    economic right
[ B ]    universal
[ C ]    eminent
[ D ]    electronic
Answer : Option A
Explanation :

No Explanation 

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