Direction (Q. 8 - 9) : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it.
Shivendra starts walking from a point P and walks towards south a distance of 10 m and reaches point Q. Now he turns right and walks again a distance of 10 m and reaches R. Again he turns left and walks 10 m and reaches S. Now he turns right and reaches T after walking a distance of 10 m more. He again turns left and reaches U after walking a distance of 10 m more. Again he turns right and walks a distance of 10 m and reaches point V. Now, after making a journey 40 m further west he reaches point W.
At this point he turns right and reaches point X after walking 50 m more. He always follows the straight route between any two points.

What is the shortest distance between X and V ?

[ A ]    Cant say
[ B ]    90 m
[ C ]    64.03 m right
[ D ]    74.30 m
Answer : Option C
Explanation :

Required distance 

√502 + 402 m = √4100 m

∴ VX = 64.03 m

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