Pointing to a photograph, a man said to a woman, "She is one of the sisters of the son of the only son of your grandfather." If the woman in the photograph is the sister of the son of the man's father-in-law, then how is the man related to the woman (with whom the man was talking) ?

[ A ]    Husband
[ B ]    Brother
[ C ]    Brother-in-law
[ D ]    Either 1) or 3) right
Answer : Option D
Explanation :

The son of the only son of woman's grandfather ⟹ the brother of the woman. Hence the woman in the photograph is the woman's sister or the woman herself with whom the man is talking.
Again "the sister of the son of man's fatherin- law" = either wife or sister-in-law of the man. Hence the man is either husband or brother-in-law of the woman.

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