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Clerk Reasoning Test CR Quiz 64 ยป General Questions - Discussion

1 .

Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below. In a university, a sports week was organised that started on Monday and ended on Sunday. There was a day of rest on which no game was scheduled. Only one game was scheduled on each day.
In this sports week, six players, viz P, Q, R, S, T and V, had to play a different game each, viz Chess, Boxing, Cycling, High Jump, Shooting and Swimming, not necessarily in the same order. P, who is a Boxer, played on either the second or the last day of the event. High jump was immediately followed by the game of Chess. R played on the th ird day and Shooting was scheduled on the, fifth day. T, who was a swimmer, participated on the second day. Q participated on Monday and the rest day was immediately after the day on which V Played.

Who is the Shooter ?

[ A ]    0
[ B ]    S
[ C ]    R
[ D ]    V right
Answer : Option D
Explanation :

No Explanation 

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