Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
There was a girl who sang beautifully at the temple every morning. The music master used to happily recall, “One day when I went into the woods to pluck flowers, I found this baby under a pipal tree”. He picked her up carefully, raised her lovingly as if she were his daughter and taught her to sing before she spoke her first word.
The music master grew old and didn’t see too well. The girl tended to him caringly. Many people including young men travelled from far and wide to hear her sing. This made the music master’s heart quake with fear. “You will choose one of them as your husband. What is to become of me?” The girl replied, I shall not be apart from you”. But on a full moon night during the harvest festival, the master’s chief disciple touched his feet reverently and said, “Master, grant me your permission for your daughter has agreed to marry me.” The master’s tears flowed freely. “She has chosen well. Go and fetch her let me hear you sing the first of many melodies that you will sing together. The two began to sing in harmony. But the song was interrupted by the arrival of the royal messenger. “Your daughter is very fortunate the king has sent for her,” the messenger said. At the palace the queen summoned the girl to her and said. “I place upon you the honour of making sure my daughter is never unhappy at her husband’s home.” There wasn’t a single tear in the girl’s eyes but she thought of the master and her heart was heavy.

That very night the princess began her journey to Kambhoj. The princess’s royal chariot led the procession and the girl’s palanquin followed close behind carrying trunks of silk, jewellery and precious stones. It was covered with a velvet sheet and had soldiers on the both sides. As the procession passed, the master and his disciple Kumarasen stood still by wayside. A collective sigh escaped the crowd gathered there wishing that the princess wouldn’t feel homesick in her far away home.

Which of the following can be said about the girl ?
A. She was brought up by her father as her mother had died when she was a baby.
B. She was a talented singer who had learnt to sing at an early age.
C. She was only allowed to sing with the master’s permission.

[ A ]    Only (A)
[ B ]    Both (A) and (B)
[ C ]    Only (B) right
[ D ]    All (A), (B) and (C)
Answer : Option C
Explanation :

No Explanation

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