1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words out of the given options.

There was a__________ all about the palace, and the__________concerned the security guards.

A.  gift, distribution
B.  silence, quiet
C.  tranquil, temper
D.  feast, circulation
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2 .

The football team was once__________ by injuries: of 11 members, only five were fit to play.

A.  decimated
B.  isolated
C.  boycotted
D.  heckled
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3 .

The conspirators met__________ in order to plot a(n)__________against the oppressive governance of Julius Caesar.

A.  clandestinely, revolt
B.  wickedly, invocation
C.  craftily, referendum
D.  wittily, ban
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4 .

Vinay is much too__________ in his writings: he writes a paragraph when a sentence should suffice.

A.  benevolent
B.  skilled
C.  verbose
D.  lucid
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5 .

With one__________ motion, Rakesh disarmed his assailant.

A.  swift
B.  ponderous
C.  superficial
D.  boisterous
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6 .

The report was__________ since the information on which it was based was erroneous, but it was brilliantly presented.

A.  intelligent
B.  wonderful
C.  worthless
D.  verbose
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7 .

Pretending not to notice the toys in the shop, Aryan the small boy acted in a__________ manner.

A.  doleful
B.  nonchalant
C.  convincing
D.  ord inary
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8 .

As several shops have__________ across the street, the old directory is__________.

A.  relocated, obsolete
B.  reversed, enticing
C.  transferred, dismantled
D.  vanished, beautiful
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9 .

The__________ room in this apartment has not been used for a long time.

A.  derelict
B.  contractual
C.  bereaved
D.  crowded
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10 .

Salman the superstar felt that certain incidents in his life were too__________ to be divulged.

A.  intriguing
B.  derivative
C.  private
D.  rudimentary
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