1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10): Pick out the most effective pair of words from the pairs of words given to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

There is a network of 80__________ researching various____________of climate change.

A.  organisations, affects
B.  institutions, aspects
C.  departments, impacts
D.  governments, arenas
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2 .

Can we get___________ to__________ local pollution intensities ?

A.  promise, reduce
B.  determination, cut
C.  favour, shrink
D.  opportunity, avoid
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3 .

A number of nuclear power__________countries are yet to __________ a domestic legislation in this field.

A.  rich, accept
B.  equipped, get
C.  generating, adopt
D.  armed, generate
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4 .

The Indian Parliament was allowed no__________to

A.  arguments, follow
B.  statements, argue
C.  actions, taken
D.  role, Play
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5 .

It shifts the primary___________for accident___________from the foreign builders to Indian state.

A.  burden, liability
B.  task, responsibility
C.  work, victims
D.  duty, site
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6 .

Needy people in the PDS__________ get bad grain to eat, while the__________ grain goes into the making of alcohol.

A.  system, good
B.  department, important
C.  working, healthy
D.  culture, main
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7 .

Some of us definitely have the ideas that can____________appreciation, if not the__________.

A.  find, prize
B.  get, more
C.  earn, award
D.  gain, win
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8 .

The is no___________ for India to be___________ over the newly launched US-Pak Strategic dialogue.

A.  factor, disagree
B.  reason, alarmed
C.  alarming, worried
D.  reversal, emphasise
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9 .

The danger, of course, is that the__________ may work the

A.  result, negative
B.  ways, wrong
C.  consequence, possible
D.  lever, other way
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10 .

There was no __________of takers for the

A.  dearth, Scheme
B.  no one, Project
C.  list, Responsibility
D.  abundance, bank
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