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Direction (Q. 1 - 10): Read the sentences given below and find out whether there is any error in it. If yes, in which part? 4 will be the answer for no error.

Q. 1) The political /2) environment of the /3) country is conducive /4) for economic reforms.

A.  The political
B.  environment of the
C.  country is conducive
D.  for economic reforms.
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Q. 1) Mr Raghav's /2) son is blessed /3) by talents which /4) are rarely found.

A.  Mr Raghav's
B.  son is blessed
C.  by talents which
D.  are rarely found.
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Q. 1) I shall be /2) playing cricket /3) for three hours /4) when you return.

A.  I shall be
B.  playing cricket
C.  for three hours
D.  when you return.
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Q. 1) You have /2) joined us /3) with a view to /4) improve your English.

A.  You have
B.  joined us
C.  with a view to
D.  improve your English.
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Q. 1) He behaves /2) as if we /3) are not going /4) to meet again.

A.  He behaves
B.  as if we
C.  are not going
D.  to meet again.
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Q. 1) He said that /2) he will finish /3) his job /4) within two days.

A.  He said that
B.  he will finish
C.  his job
D.  within two days.
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Q. 1) The captain /2) with his team /3) were given a /4) redcarpet welcome.

A.  The captain
B.  with his team
C.  were given a
D.  redcarpet welcome.
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Q. 1) The teacher /2) said that /3) the earth went /4) round the sun.

A.  The teacher
B.  said that
C.  the earth went
D.  round the sun.
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Q. 1) The chief minister /2) of Delhi is /3) confident to complete /4) her tenure successfully.

A.  The chief minister
B.  of Delhi is
C.  confident to complete
D.  her tenure successfully.
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10 .

Q. 1) These kind of /2) questions is /3) often asked /4) in banking examination

A.  These kind of
B.  questions is
C.  often asked
D.  in banking examination
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