1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 5): Find the suitable word/group of words from the options given to replace the BOLD word/group of words. (4) will be the answer for no correction required.

Presently, he is working in an NBFC.

A.  In present
B.  In the present
C.  At the present
D.  No correction required
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2 .

Please let me know where do you live.

A.  where you live
B.  where are you living
C.  where you do live
D.  where ever you live
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3 .

All the retiring officials enjoyed at the farewell party.

A.  enjoyed
B.  enjoyed in
C.  enjoyed them in
D.  enjoyed themselves at
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4 .

The man is mortal and ultimately he has to leave for his eternal abode.

A.  All the man is mortal
B.  Man is mortal
C.  Men are mortal
D.  All of the men is mortal
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5 .

My only brother is older than me.

A.  older to
B.  elder than
C.  old to
D.  No correction Required
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6 .

Direction (Q. 6 - 10): Pick out the most effective pair of words from the words (in pairs) given to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

No one__________the meeting except__________.

A.  visit, him
B.  attend, he
C.  disturb, she
D.  left, he
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7 .

The cap___________ is brown in colour is__________

A.  who, my
B.  what, me
C.  which, mine
D.  that, myself
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8 .

____________of his two brothers is__________

A.  None, capable
B.  Neither, efficient
C.  Neither, trusty
D.  No, serious
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9 .

How many__________ have you____________ in you annual exam ?

A.  numbers, earned
B.  marks, obtained
C.  scores, received
D.  division, scored
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10 .

The ship__________ and all the men were

A.  sank, drowned
B.  drowned, sank
C.  moved, frighten
D.  tremble, crying
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