1 .

Find out the smallest possible number which will be divisible by 1122 as well as 153.

A.  171666
B.  6732
C.  3366
D.  10098
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2 .

If A can complete a job in 10 days and along with B he can complete the same job in 6 days, how much of the job remain to be completed if both work for 4 days and A alone works for two more days ?

A.  2/15
B.  1/5
C.  1/3
D.  1/15
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3 .

On the Independence Day, Sweets were to be equally distributed amongst 350 children. But on that particular day, 25 children were absent. Thus each child got 5 extra sweets. How many sweet did each child gets.

A.  55
B.  70
C.  50
D.  65
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4 .

A boat takes 8 hours to cover a distance while travelling upstream, where as while travelling downstream it takes 6 hours. If the speed of the current is 4kmph, What is the speed of the boat in still water ?

A.  12 kmph
B.  28 kmph
C.  16 kmph
D.  Cannot be determined
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5 .

Sum of Rs 731 divided among A,B and C such that A received 25% more than B and B received 25% less than C. What is C's share in the amount ?

A.  Rs 172
B.  Rs 200
C.  Rs 262
D.  None of these
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6 .

The area of a rectangles is 12 square metres and its length is 3 times its breadth. What is the perimeter of the rectangle.

A.  18 m
B.  24 m
C.  14 m
D.  None of these
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7 .

Of the three numbers, the first is 3 times the second and the third 5 times the first. If the average of three numbers is 57. The difference between the largest and the smallest number is

A.  9
B.  18
C.  126
D.  135
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8 .

Three numbers are in the ratio of 3 : 2 : 5 and the sum of their squares is 1862. The smallest of these number is

A.  24
B.  21
C.  14
D.  35
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9 .

A clerk works for 210 working days in a calendar year at an annual salary Rs. 1,07,310/- Calculate the hourly rate of pay if each working day is of 7 hrs ?

A.  Rs. 146
B.  Rs. 73
C.  Rs. 219
D.  Rs. 125
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10 .

In running-exercise on an average 20 calories per minutes are spent. If someone does running for 3/4 hour, how many calories will be spent ?

A.  900
B.  1200
C.  1000
D.  700
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