1 .

A certain number of sweets were distributed among 56 children equally. After distributing the sweets equally among children 17 sweets were left out. Find the total number of sweets.

A.  448
B.  431
C.  475
D.  465
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2 .

Tanya obtained 95% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths together and she obtained 225 marks in Social Science, English and Hindi together. If the maximum marks of each subject is 100, what is Tanya's overall percentage in all the six subjects together ?

A.  80
B.  75
C.  90
D.  None of these
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3 .

Sourabi invested an amount of Rs 16840 at the rate of 6% per annum for five years. What total amount will she obtained at the end of five years ?

A.  Rs 20984
B.  Rs 21764
C.  Rs 20584
D.  Rs 21892
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4 .

The sum of digits of a two-digit number is 15 and the difference between them is 3. What is the product of the two digits of the two-digit number ?

A.  72
B.  56
C.  54
D.  Cannot be determined
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5 .

The cost of two rings and four bangles is Rs 254550. What would be the cost of six rings and 12 bangles ?

A.  Rs 1018200
B.  Rs 763650
C.  Rs 509100
D.  Rs Cannot be determined
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6 .

What is the least number to be added to 666 to make it a perfect square ?

A.  10
B.  20
C.  30
D.  40
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7 .

A canteen required 84 kg of wheat for seven days. How many kg of wheat will it require for the months of May and June ?

A.  716 kg
B.  732 kg
C.  748 kg
D.  764 kg
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8 .

In a class, the number of boys and the number of girls are in the ratio of 4 : 5. If 10 more boys join, the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls becomes 6 : 5 . How many girls are there in the class ?

A.  20
B.  30
C.  35
D.  25
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9 .

The owner of a watch shop charges his customers 22% more than the cost price. If a customer paid Rs 8906 for a wrist watch, what was its cost price ?

A.  Rs 7300
B.  Rs 7500
C.  Rs 7700
D.  Rs 7900
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10 .

The perimeter of a square is 504 cm. What is the area of the square ?

A.  2016 sq cm
B.  15876 sq cm
C.  15376 sq cm
D.  008 sq cm
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