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Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it Certain words/ expressions are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
We have seen some pretty gruesome violence in our war with terrorism which may have desensitised us or taught us the merit of stoic acceptance of mindless violence. Such violence has shown steady escalation with terrorists now prepared to even die in their mission. While what happened on 11/9 was epochal, the subcontinent too has seen suicide missions in action Sriperumbudur onwards. But the attack on our Parliament was unprecedented and the violence was certainly not mindless, which is why it raised a couple of questions. One is why it could not be prevented — was there no prior intelligence about it or was it sheer failure of security arrangements in parliament? The other is about its investigation by the police.
A dispassionate assessment of both, after more than a fortnight past the incident, shows that intelligence did exist but even if parliament remained secure due to the sacrifice of valiant security personnel, its security arrangements, which are in the form of concentric circles radiating inwards, were breached at the outermost cordon. The principle underlying these arrangements is that even if the outermost cordon is breached, the inner cordons shall stand firm. The first cordon itself, however, is expected to turn back any attempt to breach it. The personnel on duty in this cordon regulate access into Parliament and must satisfy themselves of the bona fides of all visitors by scrutinising passes or identity cards.
It is the scrutiny that failed on 13/12—the duty personnel either did not conduct it with the required diligence or were fooled by fake documents. This scrutiny is not easy, as most people object to it, either because of the time taken or because they see it as an affront. Ideally, the checking time should be reduced without minimising its effectiveness. What real ly hap-, pened on December 13 is notclear except that the culprit car was allowed entry as it had a flashing red light on top, as VIP cars do, and a Home Ministry (MH A) label which had been duplicated by downloading the MH A logo from the website.
Whether it could have been detected then or not, such a serious security breach must be prevented in future. The website can be made secure but how did the rather ample quantum of explosives in the car go undetected, especially since the duty personnel did have an explosive detector? Or was its use deemed unnecessary because the vehicle appeared to be a government car? Measures to prevent a recurrence of such incidents can be devised only if the correct position is known.
Checking at the Parliament gates was tightened some years ago, but the gates are kept open, though with barricades to slow down. A neater arrangement would be mechanically operated gates that open after electronically checking entry cards. The gates could also be monitored by a CCTV system from a central control room.
Since the terrorists involved in this case were all dead even before investigation could begin, they could hardly be questioned about things like planning details, their associates, etc. Searching the bodies of the dead terrorists could have led to some helpful information, but as this was a suicide mission, such a search was not possible until the bodies were sanitised and that takes time. However, the police were still able to unravel the mystery, and identify and arrest four of the conspirators and even organise a live telecast of one of them confessing.
It is assumed that Pakistan has been forced by the US to proceed against militant outfits on the basis of the evidence collected by the Indian police so far. They deserve appreciation. Hopefully, once the investigation is over, the trial in the special court shall not be prolonged.

According to the passage, Sriperumbudur is in

A.  India
B.  A neighbouring country
C.  Either 1 or 2
D.  Cannot say
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Which of the following worry the author of the passage ?
A. Lack of prior irttelligence in 11/9 incident
B. Failure of security arrangements in 11/9 incident
C. Lack of prior intelligence in 13/12 incident
D. Failure of security arrangements in 13/12 incident

A.  Only A and B
B.  Only C and D
C.  Only A, B and C
D.  Only B, C and D
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Which of the following was responsible for the security of the Parliament in the attack on it ?

A.  Our being desensitised by the frequent terrorist attacks
B.  The security personnel were on a suicide mission.
C.  The preparedness of our intelligence agencies
D.  The bravery of the security personnel
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Which of the following mechanisms does the author suggest for the entry of vehicles inter the parliament premises ?
A. The provision of barricades to slow down the vehicles.
B. Mechanically operated gates that open after electronically checking entry cards.
C. Monitoring by a CCTV system from a central control room.

A.  Only A and C
B.  Only B
C.  Only C
D.  Only B and C
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Why is a thorough investigation not possible in the parliament attack case ?

A.  There was no prior intelligence about it.
B.  The investigators are not capable of dispassionate assessment.
C.  The terrorists involved in this case are all dead.
D.  The parliamentarians feel insulted on being checked thoroughly.
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Which of the following is NOT true on the basis of the passage ?

A.  Suicide mission is a recent tactic employed by the terrorists.
B.  The passage has been written before Dec 25.
C.  Security check of the parliamentarians, if done properly, is a time-taking process.
D.  The duty personnel had an explosive detector.
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Which of the following is the opposite in meaning of the word gruesome as used in the passage ?

A.  beautiful
B.  ghastly
C.  attractive
D.  frightened
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Which of the following is the opposite in meaning of the word dispassionate as used in the passage ?

A.  passionate
B.  compassionate
C.  judicious
D.  biased
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Which of the following is the same in meaning as the word scrutiny as used in the passage ?

A.  survey
B.  scan
C.  inspection
D.  probe
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10 .

Which of the following is the same in meaning as the word stoic as used in the passage

A.  unemotional
B.  philosophical
C.  passionate
D.  patient
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