1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Pick out the most effective word from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sen tence meaningfully complete.

Though biotechnology is about 25 years old, the country's___________ sector came into its own internation ally for the first time as recently as four months ago.

A.  embryonic
B.  acquisitive
C.  extensive
D.  fledgling
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2 .

Despite all the talk of real estate prices falling, the fact is that housing in the country is_______________expensive.

A.  frightfully
B.  legally
C.  marginally
D.  pathetically
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3 .

The rules of the game that the jury followed are above____________and I am prepared to believe them.

A.  reproach
B.  suspicion
C.  ground
D.  board
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4 .

Anti-globalisation protesters may take_____________ at this, but the Indian markets' links with the global bourses are stronger than ever.

A.  cudgels
B.  umbrage
C.  touchy
D.  nexus
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5 .

The live pictures of airplanes____________into the World Trade Center just may change our world.

A.  targeting
B.  thrusting
C.  slamming
D.  smashed
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6 .

On Jan 1, 2002, euro notes and coins became legal ___________in the 12 countries of the European Monetary Union.

A.  tender
B.  fiscal
C.  instrument
D.  contract
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7 .

The village panchayat, district administration, states and Centre are all tied up in a complex ' of budgets, grants and allocations.

A.  knot
B.  labyrinth
C.  web
D.  number
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8 .

The woes of the Indian economy and the ongoing re cession in industry segments are too well_____________ to bear repetition.

A.  rehearsed
B.  written
C.  aware
D.  documented
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9 .

The same kinds of individuals who__________ in India, flour ish in the US and elsewhere.

A.  suffer
B.  decline
C.  flounder
D.  with stand
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10 .

Theyear2001 will be remembered as_________ bycorporates across the world: their toplines and bottomlines nosedived.

A.  annus mirabilis
B.  horsdouevre
C.  chef-douevre
D.  annus horribilis
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