1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 5) : In each question an incomplete stem of sentence is given. It is followed by four parts of sentence numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4). Pick out themost appropriate part to complete the sentence meaningfully.

Service tax levy has been kept in abeyance__________.

A.  to help the traders maximise their profits.
B.  to provide an opportunity to the traders to put forward their views.
C.  to compensate for the loss which the government exchequer has witnessed in recent years.
D.  and will therefore be implemented soon.
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2 .

Since the government has conceded our demand

A.  there is no question of putting an end to the Strike.
B.  it will come as a shock to the government.
C.  it will hear reports from several parts of the country.
D.  we have decided to withdraw the proposed bandh.
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3 .

This transfer has created so much artificial pressure that

A.  the atmosphere has suddenly become tense.
B.  a lack of motivation has become obvious among the officers.
C.  our informers have given us several openings.
D.  everyone is wondering when he will receive his marching Orders.
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4 .

She was alone in her house when the incident occurred as___________

A.  her children had come back from school.
B.  she was not a spinster.
C.  her husband had gone to office.
D.  she got a call at around 1.00 p.m.
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5 .

Even though a large number of flights get delayed due to poor visibility,__________

A.  the flights depart in time.
B.  the authorities concerned have taken the necessary measures.
C.  there are chances of accident as well.
D.  the authorities seem to be blissfully ignorant of the problem.
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6 .

Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : Read the following sentence and answer the questions that follow.
The dominant sections of the Indian political class have always believed that diverse cultural groups not only deserve Constitutional and legal protection for their specific cultural, linguistic and religious needs, but also require a concrete policy and programmatic interventions to take care of their perceived feelings of 'psychological vulnerabilities".

According to the passage, the belief of the dominant sections of the Indian political class is

A.  biased
B.  protectionist
C.  secular
D.  indifferent
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7 .

Which of the following is not a verb in the given sentence ?

A.  believed
B.  deserve
C.  require
D.  care
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8 .

Which of the following is NOT TRUE, according to the given sentence ?

A.  A few sections of the Indian political class are dominant.
B.  Different cultural groups have different needs.
C.  No section of the population considers itself "psychologically vulnerable".
D.  There is no concrete policy to take care of various groups.
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9 .

According to the dominant sections of the Indian political class,

A.  our belief in secularism is not firm enough.
B.  special programmes should be launched for various cultural groups.
C.  there should be a uniform civil code.
D.  no government of our country would be capable of providing adequate protection to the various cultural groups.
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10 .

Which of the following needs has not been talked about by the author ?

A.  cultural
B.  linguistic
C.  religious
D.  None of these
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