1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are four pairs of words denoted by numbers l,2,3 and 4. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

A delta is formed when a river__________ solid material at its mouth at a rate faster than that by which it can be _______________by tidal and other currents.

A.  brings, noticed
B.  deposits, moved
C.  moves, stored
D.  arrives, supported
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2 .

It was being felt quite_____________ now that both the countries should___________ their ties in a realistic manner.

A.  eagerly, break
B.  progressively, built
C.  convincingly, rebuke
D.  earnestly, revive
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3 .

A conference was ______________ to examine the ____________of the slow move of the communist revolution in the country.

A.  convened, causes
B.  supposed, framework
C.  organised, findings
D.  called, strata
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4 .

It is____________ time for the authorities to think over the_____________ state of education and work for its up liftment in the state.

A.  mean, unhealthy
B.  anxiety, uncertain
C.  high, sorry
D.  concerning, failing
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5 .

The country, which has over a hundred universities, cannot__________ of even a dozen which _ _ ___________with the best internationally in any field.

A.  boast, compete
B.  pride, comes
C.  think, compare
D.  imagine, counts
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6 .

The volume is the first of a_________ of three, and is a____________  of sixteen short stories.

A.  number, combination
B.  series, compilation
C.  starting, mixture
D.  part, continuation
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7 .

The Central Government has_________________ to sell its ____________in Indian Airlines by the end of this fiscal.

A.  confirmed, equity
B.  sanctioned, holding
C.  agreed, earnings
D.  decided, stake
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8 .

He has been____________ to have_____________ cash received from unknown sources in secret bank accounts.

A.  held, borrowed
B.  accused, earned
C.  found, shared
D.  alleged, deposited
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9 .

Lawyers demand that____________ discussion should be held before_____________ of amendments.

A.  absolute, announcing
B.  general, commencing
C.  appropriate, finishing
D.  proper, implementation
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10 .

______________the advantages of free trade, it is not wholeheartedly____________ by most advanced countries.

A.  In spite, accepted
B.  Despite, acclaimed
C.  Besides, welcomed
D.  Although, observed
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