1 .

Direction (Q. 1-10): Each question below has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Chose the set of words for each blank which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

I feel___________for_____________ for who are cruel to their children.

A.  sympathy, him
B.  contempt, them
C.  anger, those
D.  annoyance, everybody
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2 .

The____________ of Muhammad, a prophet, brought_____________social enlightenment among the Muslims.

A.  lessons, for
B.  teachings, about
C.  messenger, over
D.  works, into
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3 .

The big banyan tree____________ fallen_____________ the road.

A.  was, on
B.  has, across
C.  had, over
D.  were, between
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4 .

Temples were_______________ since early morning_____________ with the devotees.

A.  surrounded, by
B.  flocked, for
C.  crowded, with
D.  mobbed, by
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5 .

The bill___________ the Parliament was_____________ by fortytwo votes.

A.  of, carried
B.  into, accepted
C.  at, presented
D.  None of these
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6 .

After many years in the________________ he___________ to active politics last year.

A.  seclusion, coming
B.  cold, returned
C.  bewilderment, brought
D.  news, restarted
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7 .

____________the last decade, terrorism has___________ as a threat to civilised society.

A.  from, developed
B.  for, come
C.  over, emerged
D.  since, evolved
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8 .

Mr Amitabh Bacchan has once again__________has mettle by his_____________ acting as 'Auro'.

A.  set, strong
B.  done, star
C.  proved, phenomenal
D.  posted, exceptional
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9 .

A number of organisations have raised____________ voices___________uses of unclaimed dead bodies for research purposes.

A.  their, against
B.  its, for
C.  strong; stopping
D.  much, towards
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10 .

Will you please__________ from interfering___________ my affairs ?

A.  avoid, to
B.  abstain, in
C.  stop, of
D.  desist, by
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