1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are four pairs of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3) and 4). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

It is_____________ to blame Gandhiji or his philosophy for the ills_____________ our society today.

A.  ridiculous, plaguing
B.  depressing, surrounding
C.  critical, facing
D.  chaotic, haunting
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2 .

Of______________ there have been many instances where the judiciary has taken upon the responsibility of_______________executive actions.

A.  now, punishing
B.  time, penalising
C.  late, directing
D.  recent, dictating
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3 .

Every problem has to be_______________ with the country's _____________in mind and not those of only a section of the people.

A.  discussed, scenarios
B.  marked, development
C.  diagnosed, geography
D.  solved, interests
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4 .

Bihar has long_______________ the_____________ of being the 'dark continent' in the heartland of India.

A.  proposed, label
B.  brandished, question
C.  acquired, distinction
D.  subjected, theory
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5 .

While framing our laws, it is important that we bear in mind the ground realities and take into_____________ the level to which corruption has____________ into our system.

A.  judiciary, blown
B.  legalise, breached
C.  court, creeped
D.  account, seeped
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6 .

There are____________attempts being made to_______________the powers of the judiciary and hand them over to the executive.

A.  ample, tarn ish
B.  multiple, exercise
C.  precious, dictate
D.  subtle, hijack
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7 .

In the______________ security environment that_______________India, national institutions have a crucial role to play.

A.  burning, engulfs
B.  delicate, confronts
C.  weak, haunt
D.  fierce, demarcates
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8 .

In some areas, the victims are still_______________ to_______________out to lodge their complaints.

A.  horrific, come
B.  unyielding, focus
C.  scared, venture
D.  vehement, break
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9 .

The sudden_____________ of violence in the region strengthens fears that terrorists from across the border have started_____________ into our territory.

A.  eruption, sneaking
B.  incidents, attacking
C.  surge, campaigning
D.  occurrence, hij acking
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10 .

We need to_____________ a policy framework in our country which_____________ innovation and diffusion.

A.  combine, compares
B.  deliver, adheres
C.  emancipate, diagnoses
D.  evolve, encourages
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