1 .

Today, globalisation has brought the world closer by_____________distance and minimising other___________.

A.  covering, areas
B.  scaling, avenues
C.  reducing, barriers
D.  curbing, routes
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2 .

Our traditional art and handicrafts have to be and___________

A.  protected, promoted
B.  served, respected
C.  saved, materialised
D.  explored, derived
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3 .

Every branch and centre finds______________ways to _____________the people of their areas.

A.  distant, assemble
B.  typical, endeavour
C.  own, motivating
D.  innovative, serve
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4 .

Today our artisans are______________ the competition of low-priced imported goods, which are____________ the market.

A.  feeling, dictating
B.  facing, invading
C.  sensing, penetrating
D.  witnessing, selling
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5 .

With the overwhelming majority______________in rural areas and making a living, concern for those at the______________end should stir us time and again.

A.  languishing, far
B.  panic-stricken, slender
C.  trapped, other
D.  residing, receiving
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6 .

The situation becomes____________ for revolution when the social order becomes____________ with irreconcilable contradictions within the order.

A.  handy, worse
B.  tragic, collapsing
C.  ripe, riddled
D.  alarming, futile
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7 .

In India a strong patriarchal system____________and is deeply_____________ in our hoary traditions.

A.  prevails, embedded
B.  originates, attached
C.  ushers, engraved
D.  unfolds, envisioned
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8 .

Legal__________ is necessary for women when they are_________to exploitation and injustice.

A.  awareness, subjected
B.  cause, exposed
C.  remedy, surrounded
D.  right, fought
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9 .

A society based on justice and equality as__________by our Constitution-makers is possible only by__________human rights to each of its citizens.

A.  supposed, protecting
B.  planned, favouring
C.  followed, practising
D.  envisioned, ensuring
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10 .

Social problems become____________ when they go__________a point.

A.  unfulfilled, above
B.  aggravated, beyond
C.  irritating, upto
D.  tormenting, to
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