1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : In each of the following sentem there are two blankspaces. Below each sentence there are four pairs of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3) and 4). Find o which pair of words can be filled upintheblanksinthe senten in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

The renaissance spirit of______________ of the mysterious unknown world has become a_______________ of the past.

A.  exploration, phenomenon
B.  transparency, story
C.  unfolding, question
D.  visualising, memory
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2 .

When the_____________ of our Constitution defined a______________ India, they tried their best to put in checks and balances to protect our minorities.

A.  forefathers, tolerant
B.  leaders, just
C.  architecture, social
D.  framers, secular
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3 .

Man's enemies are within himself and can be____________ by

A.  controlled, force
B.  conquered, introspection
C.  caught, passion
D.  surrendered, loving
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4 .

Since any effort to____________telecom is doomed to failure, the_____________ solution may lie outside the legal system, in policy decisions by the government.

A.  license, alternative
B.  regulate, ultimate
C.  operate, single
D.  open, final
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5 .

In a democracy where the poor and the disadvantaged are the majority, no government can_____________ their___________.

A.  sustain, demands
B.  challenge, issues
C.  fulfil, needs
D.  ignore, interests
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6 .

The_____________ of bad economic policies are felt

A.  outcome, alarming
B.  focus, instantly
C.  effects, immediately
D.  burdens, drastic
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7 .

The respect given to women in a society is an______________ of the state of society's____________.

A.  iota, goal
B.  emblem, degeneration
C.  effort, progress
D.  index, development
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8 .

Because of lack of awareness, they of ten fall___________ to middlemen who____________ a major share from these poor people.

A.  victim, force
B.  helpless, snatch
C.  dumb, demand
D.  prey, extort
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9 .

This has____________ the concerned agencies to take appropriate_____________ to promote consumer interests.

A.  sensitised, measures
B.  angered, actions
C.  challenged, determination
D.  caused, direction
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10 .

This organisation has played a_______________role in the_____________of economic empowerment of women.

A.  just, era
B.  pioneering, sphere
C.  silent, significance
D.  drastic, realm
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