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Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases are printed in bold to help you locate them while answering those questions.
At one time it would have been impossible to imagine the integration of different religious thoughts, ideas and ideals. That is because of the closed society, the lack of any communication or interdependence on other nations. People were happy and content amongst themselves, they did not need any more. The physical distance and cultural barriers prevented any exchange of thought and beliefs. But such is not the case today. Today, the world has become a much smaller place, thanks to the adventures and miracles of science. Foreign nations have become our next door neighbours. Mingling of population is bringing about an interchange of thought. We are slowly realizing that the world is a single cooperative group. Other religions have become forces with which we have to reckon and we are seeking for ways and means by which we can live together in peace and harmony. We cannot have religious unity and peace so long as we assert that we are in possession of the light and all others are grouping in the darkness. That very assertion is a challenge to a fight. The political ideal of the world is not so much a single empire with a homogeneous, civilization and single communal will a brotherhood of free nations differing profoundly in life and mind, habits and institutions, existing side by side in peace and order, harmony and cooperation and each contributing to the world its own unique and specific best, which is irreducible to the terms of the others.
The cosmopolitanism of the eighteenth century and the nationalism of the nineteenth are combined in our
ideal of a world commonwealth, which allows every branch of the human family to find freedom, security and self realisation in the larger life of mankind. I see no hope for the religious future of the world, if this ideal is not extended to the religious sphere also. When two or three different systems claim that they contain the revelation of the very core and centre of truth and the acceptance of it is the exclusive pathway to heaven, conflicts are inevitable. In such conflicts one religion will not allow others to steal"a march over it and no one can gain ascendancy until the world is reduced to dust and ashes. To obliterate every other religion than one's is a sort of Bolshevism in religion which we must try to prevent. We can do so only if we accept something like the Indian solution, which seeks the unity of religion not in a common creed but in a common quest. Let us believe in a unity of spirit and not of organization, a unity which secures ample liberty not only for every individual but for every type of organized life which has proved itself effective.
For almost all historical forms of life and thought can claim the sanction of experience and so the authority of God. The world would be a much poorer thing if one creed absorbed the rest. God wills a rich harmony and not a colourless uniformity. The comprehensive and synthetic spirit of Indianism had made it a mighty forest with a thousand waving arms each fulfilling its function and all directed by the spirit of God. Each thing in its place and all associated in the divine concert making with their various voices and even dissonance, as Heracletus would say, the most exquisite harmony should be our ideal.

According to the passage, religious unity and peace can be obtained if

A.  We believe that the world is a single co-operative group
B.  We do not assert that we alone are in possession of the real knowledge
C.  We believe in a unity of spirit and not of organization
D.  We believe that truth does matter and will prevail
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Which of the following, according to the passage, is the Indian solution' ? Unity of religions in a common

A.  Belief
B.  Organization
C.  Creed
D.  Search
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According to the author, which of the following is not true ?

A.  Acceptance of Indianism is the exclusive pathway to heaven
B.  We should not assert that other religions have no definite pathway or goal
C.  God wants a genuine similarity in thoughts, ideals and values rather than an artificial appearance
D.  People interacting with each other is bringing about a change in their attitude.
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According to the passage, the political ideal of the contemporary world is toil

A.  create a single empire with a homogeneous civilization
B.  foster the unity of all the religions of the world
C.  create a world common wealth preserving religious diversity of all the nations
D.  None of these
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According to the passage, the world would be a much poorer thing if

A.  one religion swallows all other religions
B.  one religion accepts the supremacy of other religions
C.  religions adopt toleration as a principle of spiritual life
D.  we do not achieve the ideal of brotherhood of free nations
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Which of the following statements is/are stated or implied in the above passage ?
(A) People today are happy and content amongst themselves.
(B) There is no freedom and security in the religious sphere in the world todav.
(C) Indianism is directed by the spirit of God.

A.  Only(A)&(C)
B.  Only (B)
C.  Only (C)
D.  Only (A)
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Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the world "reckon" as used in the passage ?

A.  show regard
B.  take into consideration
C.  confront
D.  agree with
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Which of the following is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word "profoundly" as used in the passage ?

A.  meagerly
B.  hardly
C.  scarcely
D.  marginally
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According to the passage, what is Bolshevism In the religion ?

A.  To ridicule the views sincerely held by others
B.  To accept others religious beliefs and doctrines as authentic as ours
C.  To adhere to rigid dogmatism in religion
D.  To make change in a religion so that it becomes more acceptable
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10 .

According to the passage, the conflict of religions is inevitable mainly because each religion

A.  believes that anyone who disargrees with it ought to be silenced
B.  wants to steal a march over others
C.  claims to possess a complete and exclusive understanding of truth
D.  believes that the view held strongly by many need not be a correct view
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