1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Fill up the blanks with the most suitable pair of words from the options given to make meaningful sentence.

It is useless to plan a picnic until the weather______________more______________

A.  get, clear
B.  be, movable
C.  becomes, stable
D.  gets, pleasant
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2 .

Napoleon made a_______________ entry_____________ Paris.

A.  victorious, to
B.  triumphal, into
C.  triumphing, towards
D.  powerful, for
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3 .

Do you realize the_____________ of the task which___________ us

A.  magnitude, confronts
B.  intensity, before
C.  importance, done
D.  gravity, met
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4 .

The General was able to______________ his troops by his______________words.

A.  inspire, brave
B.  ignite, gentle
C.  power, encouraging
D.  motivate, sentimental
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5 .

The_______________ performance of players_______________ better than at last.

A.  former, were
B.  beginning, are
C.  star, was
D.  initial, was
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6 .

Those people had____________ teeth because of a____________in their diet.

A.  bad, defect
B.  yellow, deficient
C.  no, low-calorie
D.  poor, deficiency
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7 .

The angry citizen was_______________ by the principal to______________the boy who had broken his window.

A.  said, tell
B.  told, name
C.  asked, identify
D.  ordered, recognise
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8 .

There_____________ to be some_____________ on travelling in the forest in dry weather.

A.  should, control
B.  ought, restriction
C.  must, law
D.  may, guide
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9 .

The______________ of oil soon changed the town into a busy

A.  discovery, metropolis
B.  search, place
C.  location, area
D.  expectation, location
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10 .

Let us invite all the_____________ to_______________ in the game.

A.  seniors, view
B.  locals, come
C.  newcomers, participate
D.  friends, partake
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