1 .

Direction (Q. 1-10): In each of the following sentences there are certain blankspaces. Below each sentence there are five options denoted by the numbers 1,2,3 and 4. Find out which option can be used to fill up the blank in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

Tne Prime Minister wants to call an all-party meeting to break the stalemate___________ this issue and______________ a consensus.

A.  on, win
B.  at, develop
C.  of, capture
D.  on, reach
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2 .

The propeller-driven fighter planes___________the second world war have long been completely___________.

A.  in, out of order
B.  during, aged
C.  of, absolute
D.  at, old
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3 .

When the liquid has been used up the____________ in the bottom of the flask should be thrown___________.

A.  remains, at
B.  surplus, out
C.  left, off
D.  residue, away
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4 .

His energy was unbound, his resourcefulness inexhaustible and his coolness___________ the face of danger almost___________.

A.  in, uncanny
B.  on, uncivil
C.  over, abnormal
D.  at, natural
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5 .

The modernisation drive of the country has in fact not been_____________ by an improvement in the quality of many of its manufactured__________.

A.  associated, sectors
B.  accompanied, products
C.  prevailed, area
D.  acquired, fields
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6 .

The Govt____________that Indian IT industry will be able to generate_________of over $ 100 billion by the later part of the coming decade.

A.  reveal, volume
B.  states, service
C.  predict, future
D.  forecasts, revenue
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7 .

It was a great____________ to_______________ the high-level meeting between America and India.

A.  favour, part
B.  time, participate
C.  honour, witness
D.  period, watch
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8 .

The first and foremost task before the company is to____________the financial________________ of the venture.

A.  diligence, nature
B.  fix, involving
C.  get, need
D.  analyse, viability
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9 .

The Govt must appoint a panel of experts and_________their advice on how to________________technical education in India.

A.  seek, improve
B.  solicit, mitigate
C.  ask, better
D.  want, spread
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10 .

Internet has____________revolutionised the world of__________and knowledge.

A.  become, media
B.  really, college
C.  probably, application
D.  indeed, information
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