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Direction (1-10) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error if any will be in one part of the sentence, the number of that part will be the answer. If there is 'No error', mark (4) as the answer. ( Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q .  1) Angered over the delay in giving compensation, /2) factory workers shouted /3) slogans against the president /4) when he reaches the office.

A.  Angered over the delay in giving compensation
B.  factory workers shouted
C.  slogans against the president
D.  when he reaches the office.
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2 .

Q.  1) The cascading effect of economic slowdown /2) has brought a much unnerving gloom /3) to the real estate industry last year /4) but the industry is looking up this year.

A.  The cascading effect of economic slowdown
B.  has brought a much unnerving gloom
C.  to the real estate industry last year
D.  but the industry is looking up this year.
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Q.  1) A recycling plant in close proximity to /2) the residential area can pose /3) serious threats from residents /4) by leaving behind persistent pollutants.

A.  A recycling plant in close proximity to
B.  the residential area can pose
C.  serious threats from residents
D.  by leaving behind persistent pollutants.
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4 .

Q.  1) The government has the obligation /2) to provide basic infrastructure facilities /3) to regulating the process of /4) urbanization in the country.

A.  The government has the obligation
B.  to provide basic infrastructure facilities
C.  to regulating the process of
D.  urbanization in the country.
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5 .

Q.  1) Bharatpur is transforming into /2) India's most fastest growing bird sanctuary /3) attracting thousands of rare migratory birds /4) from Europe and Siberia.

A.  Bharatpur is transforming into
B.  Indias most fastest growing bird sanctuary
C.  attracting thousands of rare migratory birds
D.  from Europe and Siberia.
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6 .

Q.  1) Plagued by huge losses, /2) full service airlines are struggling /3) to cope with the competition /4) No error

A.  Plagued by huge losses,
B.  full service airlines are struggling
C.  to cope with the competition
D.  No error
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7 .

Q.  1) Volunteers of an NGO /2) interacted with school students /3) to spread awareness about /4) environment related issues.

A.  Volunteers of an NGO
B.  interacted with school students
C.  to spread awareness about
D.  environment related issues.
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8 .

Q.  1) The Union health minister said that /2) there was an acute shortage of /3) health personnel in rural areas /4) who needed to be addressed urgently.

A.  The Union health minister said that
B.  there was an acute shortage of
C.  health personnel in rural areas
D.  who needed to be addressed urgently.
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9 .

Q.  1) Even though most of India's youth /2) lives in villages, many people considers /3) the ones roaming in dazzling multiplexes /4) as their true reflection.

A.  Even though most of Indias youth
B.  lives in villages, many people considers
C.  the ones roaming in dazzling multiplexes
D.  as their true reflection.
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10 .

Q.  1) The RBI has proposed to introduce /2) polymer notes after taking into considering /3) the cost and longevity /4) associated with their manufacturing.

A.  The RBI has proposed to introduce
B.  polymer notes after taking into considering
C.  the cost and longevity
D.  associated with their manufacturing.
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