1 .

Direction (Q. 1-10): In each of the following sentences, there are two blank Spaces. Below each sentence there art four pairsof words denoted by numbers 1). 2),3), and 4). Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it nieaniiigfulh complete.

There is a(n)____________ need to____________ \________________ elementary education in the country.

A.  exact, offer
B.  dire, restructure
C.  total, re-evaluate
D.  must, re-organise
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2 .

While there is a lot of institutional and financial support for other entertainment media, those who go into theatre generally have to____________ to make it a______________ full-timejob.

A.  starve, alternative
B.  run. successful
C.  compromise, lucrative
D.  struggle, viable
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3 .

The____________ of a country from poverty to prosperity, from_________ to modernity, is a great and fascinating enterprise.

A.  bounce, religion
B.  expansion, rigidity
C.  soaring, culture
D.  ascent, tradition
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4 .

It is primarily because of grassroots_____________ from below that social democracy has created______________ mobility among the lower castes.

A.  emergence, astonishing
B.  sensibility, wider
C.  pressures, upward
D.  momentum, unending
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5 .

India is more likely to_________ its way of life and its civilisation of diversity and tolerance against the __________of the global culture.

A.  preserve, onslaught
B.  experiment, diversity
C.  achieve, expansion
D.  sustain, succumbing
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6 .

Some try to represent political economy as being a dry. cold abstract science, which has no____________ of feeling to______________ on suffering humanity.

A.  virtue, response
B.  warmth, spare
C.  dearth, pour
D.  depth, pour
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7 .

The world is___________ with environmental problems ____________from global warming to deforestation.

A.  exhausted, springing
B.  confronted, ranging
C.  suffering, basically
D.  haunted, emanating
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8 .

The problem of unemployment has always existed in the society but its______________ and nature have_______ greatly depending on the level of develop-ment of the society.

A.  existence, diverted
B.  remedy, evaded
C.  component, dwindled
D.  severity, varied
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9 .

Western education provided__________ the for the most dramatic changes in the______________ of Indians.

A.  platform, words
B.  horizon, mindset
C.  agenda, posterity
D.  stimulus, minds
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10 .

The topics for an essay are____________ and no single volume can, in truth, claim to touch even a small __________of all the themes in the world.

A.  voluminous, theme
B.  abundant, areas
C.  inexhaustible, fraction
D.  immense, degree
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