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Direction (Q. 1-5): Which of the phrases 1,2,3 and 4 gh en below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct ? U the sentence is correct as it is, mark 45, ie "No correction required", as your answer,

Communal violence broke into the different parts of the country,

A.  broke inside the
B.  got broken in
C.  broke in
D.  broke out in
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2 .

We have agreed to get part with company after differences of opinion.

A.  part company
B.  differnvith associating
C.  check our company
D.  get out to company
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3 .

The army should have operated with conjunction to the fleet to raid the enemy's coast.

A.  within conjunction of
B.  in conjunction with
C.  in conjugating with
D.  in conjunction of
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4 .

He appears to have backed himself into a tight corner.

A.  amidst tight corner
B.  between tight corners
C.  inside the tight corner
D.  No correction required
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5 .

The oldest president in American history had stayed in course for two terms.

A.  stayed inside the course
B.  stayed of course
C.  stayed the course
D.  stayed course
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6 .

Direction (Q. 6-10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words are given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
"Education should not compete with national defence, trade deficit, drugs or AIDS. Instead, think of it as a solution to those problems," stated David Kearns, Chairman of the giant Xerox Corporation, a few years ago. A good school or college should have a well-stocked library which is a treasurehouse of knowledge. Unfortunately, barring exceptions, libraries are places where some unwanted books gather dust. There is no time, either for the teachers or the students, to make use of these books which could enlarge their horizon. No wonder then that the school or college management invests little in libraries. Moreover, the staff which is supposed to maintain these are not trained in library management, but there is only an ad hoc arrangement to make some reluctant teacher or staff in-charge, as a mere formality.
Contrast the above to the situation prevailing in advanced countries, such as the US, where school, college or public libraries are considered temples of knowledge. Funds are lavishly invested in infrastructure, providing wellventilated and lighted rooms and halls where books, magazines and newspapers can be easily accessed. Most of these are air-conditioned, to make the time spent in browsing books as pleasant as possible. Strict silence is maintained and no eatables are allowed inside. There are a number of individual kiosks complete with table, light and computer where one can sit and study. The librarians, mostly part-time students, are trained and are helpful. Long hours of business is the norm. The college libraries are open most of the time, even on holidays, and work late hours during semester. Borrowed books, magazines and CDs can be dropped into boxes placed outside.
With the Internet culture seeping into our educational milieu, the time has come for upgrading the school and college libraries which will entice more students to make use of these. There is no substitute, as yet, to the vast print medium and the students could profit by utilising the library facilities. More funds should be allocated to equip the libraries with the latest books and magazines so that browsing of books in the library becomes a habit with at least college students, which is the norm in advanced countries. Librarians should also get a better deal compared to the present status.

According to David Kearns

A.  education should not be given better deal than national defence, trade deficit, drugs or AIDS.
B.  education can not be compared with anything.
C.  education is the key to problems surrounding us, hence it demands better deal.
D.  education and solution to problems go side by side.
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7 .

Why are the school and college management reluctant to invest a good amount in libraries ?

A.  because they have other areas also to invest in
B.  because the libraries get poor feedback from the users
C.  because the libraries may turn into a time-passing venue for many
D.  because of mismanagement in the libraries
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8 .

In what does the basic difference lie between the libraries in our country and those in the advanced countries ?

A.  books
B.  infrastructure
C.  librarians
D.  funds
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9 .

The author of the passage views Internet as a challenge

A.  to the students.
B.  to schooling.
C.  to our culture.
D.  to the relevance of books and magazines.
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10 .

Which of the following matches with the advice given by the author for uplifting the status of libraries in our country ?
(I) Right treatment for the librarians
(II) Proper provision of suitable reading materials
(III) Allocation of proper funds
(IV) Implementation of library science course

A.  only I and II
B.  Only III and IV
C.  Only I, II and III
D.  All of the above
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