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Direction (Q. 1-10): In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its part in bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, please give 4) as your answer, ie No correction required.

Using it wisely, leisure promotes health, happiness and efficiency.

A.  If used wisely
B.  Having used it wisely
C.  Because usefulness
D.  For using it wisely
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2 .

Unless they reverse present policies, the world may suffer permanent damage from the unregulated use of pesticides.

A.  Unless present policies are reversed
B.  Unless present policies be reversed
C.  If it will not reverse present policies
D.  If present policies will not being reversed
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3 .

The man who has committed such a heinous crime must get most severe punishment.

A.  be got the mostly severe
B.  get the most severe
C.  get the severest
D.  getting severest
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4 .

If any body gets confused, he shouldjust don'tstop to try.

A.  dont stopping to trying
B.  doesnt stopping to try
C.  keep on trying
D.  continue trial
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5 .

She found that an infant is crying.

A.  infant be crying
B.  infant crying
C.  infant has been crying
D.  infant was crying
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6 .

Rishi is the student that helps the poor.

A.  a student whom
B.  a student which
C.  the student which
D.  No correction required
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7 .

Two thousand of years ago there was a king.

A.  Two thousands years
B.  Two thousand year
C.  Two thousand years
D.  Two thousand of years
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8 .

Dowry system is no doubt very much ugly system.

A.  a very
B.  a very more
C.  a most
D.  a much
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9 .

There are a number of students of my colony in your school.

A.  is a number of students
B.  is a number of student
C.  was a number of students
D.  No correction required
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10 .

He is intelligent enough to understanding the lecture.

A.  understanding
B.  of understanding
C.  so to understand and
D.  to understand
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