1 .

Direction (Q. 1-8): Fill up the blanks with the most suitable pair of words from the options given to make a meaningful sentence.

When you are living with your___________ values, you can be honest, straight-forward and____________.

A.  core, upfront
B.  inherited, distinct
C.  innate, durable
D.  concentrated, believed
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2 .

Harassment is just plain_________. There is never a good__________for it.

A.  wrong, excuse
B.  murder, command
C.  torture, remedy
D.  kill, magic
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3 .

Man is__________. The search for understanding is _________in its own right.

A.  evolving, prophetic
B.  inquisitive, inherent
C.  appreciative, fundamental
D.  curious, philosophical
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4 .

Leadership is one of the world's oldest______. The understanding of leadership has figured strongly in the __________for knowledge.

A.  cultures, quest
B.  institutions, passion
C.  preoccupations, quest
D.  subjects, findings
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5 .

Our__________ to understand the process of learning is ____________by the fact that any given behaviour is the result of many processes jointly.

A.  nature, determined
B.  scope, preceded
C.  implications, followed
D.  attempt, complicated
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6 .

The parliamentary system of government suffers from many________ and has not proved a______________ success in India.

A.  shortcomings, remarkable
B.  deficiencies, notable
C.  predilections, desirable
D.  weakness, admired
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7 .

He was killed______________ ahighwayman __________adagger.

A.  by, for
B.  b, with
C.  with, for
D.  through, with
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8 .

The navy offers exciting career____________ for the____________people.

A.  perspective, laborious
B.  options, exciting
C.  prospects, adventurous
D.  distinction, deserved
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9 .

Direction (Q. 9-10): In each of the following sentences, the error, if there is one, will be in the part given in bold and numbered. The number of the part which contains the error is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 4). The error, if any, will be of grammar or/and usage. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q. 1) Murli was too / 2) good but he is / 3) not an intelligent / 4) student of his class.

A.  Murli was too
B.  good but he is
C.  not an intelligent
D.  student of his class.
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10 .

Q. 1) Does he yet want / 2) to from a / 3) partnership firm or / 4) No error.

A.  Does he yet want
B.  to from a
C.  partnership firm or
D.  No error
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