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Direction (Q. 1-5): In each of the following sentences, the error, if there is one, will be in the part given in bold and numbered. The number of the part which contains the error is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 4). The error, if any, will be of grammar or/and usage. (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q. 1) I don't like to / 2) watch vulgar TV/ 3) programmes at home / 4) nor he does.

A.  I dont like to
B.  watch vulgar TV
C.  programmes at home
D.  nor he does.
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Q. 1) Being a connoisseur he / 2) is much contented / 3) with what he has / 4) earned from his experiences.

A.  Being a connoisseur he
B.  is much contented
C.  with what he has
D.  earned from his experiences.
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Q. 1) After being sick / 2) yesterday Harish / 3) says he is feeling / 4) good since morning.

A.  After being sick
B.  yesterday Harish
C.  says he is feeling
D.  good since morning.
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Q. 1) The Indus valley civilisation / 2) and the Greek civilisation / 3) are very old but / 4) the first is older than the latter.

A.  The Indus valley civilisation
B.  and the Greek civilisation
C.  are very old but
D.  the first is older than the latter.
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Q. 1) Mahatma Gandhiwas /2) one of the greatest /3) leaders ifnot the /4) greatest leaders of the world.

A.  Mahatma Gandhiwas
B.  one of the greatest
C.  leaders ifnot the
D.  greatest leaders of the world.
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Direction (Q. 6-10): Which of the phrases 1), 2), 3) and 4) given below should replace the phrase highlighted below to make the sentence meaningful and correct ? If the sentence is already correct, "No correction required'' will be the answer.

We must be aware of a right that the constitution of India offers.

A.  aware for rights
B.  aware about right
C.  aware of the rights
D.  aware to rights
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The value of export this year is comparatively higher than the previous year.

A.  comparatively highest
B.  comparing high
C.  comparatively high
D.  compare highly
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I prevailed him to lend him books to me.

A.  I prevailed at him
B.  I prevailed upon him
C.  I prevail him
D.  I prevailed of him
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9 .

The gusts of wind seemed to be plucking them fron their steps.

A.  seemed to pluck
B.  seems to pluck
C.  seems to plucking
D.  No correction required
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10 .

Before leaving for my office I was waiting for you sine long.

A.  was in waiting
B.  had been waiting
C.  I waited
D.  had been waited
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