1 .

Direction (Q.1-10): Fill up the blanks with a suitable pair of words from the options given below to make a meaningful sentence.

Prejudice begins as a/an____________ statement, ending on a___________ that justifies any extreme.

A.  simple, proof
B.  odorous, sentiment
C.  innocuous, belief
D.  ample, tool
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2 .

The growing city____________ upon the____________of certain animals.

A.  touches, dwelling
B.  extended, shelters
C.  encroaches, habitats
D.  hits, habits
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3 .

There is an urgent need to____________ the attitude of people towards______________ steps against smoking.

A.  curb, such
B.  rectify, few
C.  correct, little
D.  reorient, reformative
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4 .

Besides_________ laws for social causes, the government should also launch social_________ campaign.

A.  implementing, justices
B.  enforcing, activity
C.  judicial, cause
D.  framing, awareness
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5 .

The recent spate of riots has proved that biases____________in childhood are strengthened in_____________.

A.  gathered, school
B.  learned, riots
C.  inculcated, adulthood
D.  imbibed, force
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6 .

Those who___________ the norms of society are criticised.

A.  involve
B.  change
C.  disagree
D.  transgress
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7 .

The group was found to be___________ in subversive activities.

A.  involved
B.  engaged
C.  rebellious
D.  uncharitable
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8 .

The prisoner of war was_______________ to torture.

A.  opposed
B.  supposed
C.  expose
D.  subjected
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9 .

The Principal wanted me to improve the____________ of mytermpaper.

A.  rationality
B.  coherence
C.  reasoning
D.  quality
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10 .

The recent___________ demands____________ and trial under POTA.

A.  incident, attention
B.  result, culprit
C.  resolution, extradition
D.  meeting, focus
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