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Which of the following terms appropriately explains the role of banks in an economy ?

A.  Financial conglomerate
B.  Holding companies
C.  Financial intermediaries
D.  Indigenous banking
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In the financial sector there are many companies who are providing banking like activities though they are not recognized as banks. How is this particular type of activity known as ?

A.  Informal banking
B.  Indigenous banking
C.  Shadow banking
D.  Development banking
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What would a lender examine to judge whether a business can be given a funding facility ?

A.  The financial statements
B.  The credit history
C.  The business risk
D.  All of the above
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You might have heard of ‘a bank run’. What does it mean ?

A.  Identifies those banks which are performing very well
B.  Banks which are promoting marathon sports events
C.  When people rush to withdraw funds from their bank accounts
D.  When banks do door to door publicity campaigns
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Which of the following is a stipulation under the Basel III norms ?

A.  The total minimum capital adequacy ratio to be 9%
B.  Banks to maintain an overall minimum capital adequacy ratio of 11·5%
C.  Banks to reach the minimum capital adequacy ratio of 11·5% by 31st March, 2018
D.  Banks to maintain a capital adequacy ratio of 10% by 2013
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Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is associated with which of the following ?

A.  Banking Regulation Committee
B.  Bretton Woods Institution
C.  Bank for International Supervision
D.  Federal Reserve
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What is known as the Open Market Operations of RBI ?

A.  Buying and selling of stocks
B.  Auctioning of foreign exchange
C.  Trading in securities
D.  Transactions in gold
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Fiat money is best described by which of the following ?

A.  Money which is accepted internationally
B.  Money accepted temporarily in lieu of gold
C.  Decreed as money by the government
D.  Money which is issued by keeping gold and silver as deposit
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9 .

When did the rupee become a freely convertible currency in the current account of India ?

A.  1994
B.  1999
C.  2000
D.  2001
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10 .

ISO 4217 is the international standard describing 3 letter code for what ?

A.  Bank code
B.  Currency codes
C.  Forex code
D.  None of these
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