1 .

Direction (Q. 1 - 5) : The diagram shows the percentage of annual expenditure on equipment, supplies and salaries incurred by a multinational firm. The table shows the firm's annual expenditure for each of the years. Study the diagram carefully and answer the following questions.

Year Total Expenditure
2001 Rs 800000
2002 Rs 1200000
2003 Rs 1500000
2004 Rs 1000000
2005 Rs 1200000

In which of the following years did the firm spend the highest amount on supplies ?

A.  2001
B.  2002
C.  2003
D.  2004
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2 .

The highest increase in the amount spent on equipment with respect to the previous year was in.

A.  2002
B.  2003
C.  2003 & 2004
D.  2005
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3 .

The average amount spent on salaries, taking all the years together, was equal to

A.  Rs 600000
B.  Rs 650000
C.  Rs 647000
D.  Rs 720000
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4 .

The average amount of money spent by the firm, taking all the years together, is what times the expenditure.in the year 2004 ?

A.  57
B.  570
C.  5.7
D.  0.57
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5 .

Total expenditure on supplies and salaries in the year 2002 was equal to

A.  Rs 1000000
B.  Rs 1050000
C.  Rs 800000
D.  None of these
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Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : Study the following graph to answer the given questions.
A, B, C, D and E are 5 parts of a city and their percentages in the total population is given.

Population of Part B in the city is what per cent of the total population of Part A and Part C together ?

A.  42.6%
B.  50.5%
C.  54.75%
D.  40.90%
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7 .

The average population of Part A, B and C together is larger/lower than Part D and E together by what number ?

A.  8000
B.  9500
C.  1600
D.  12000
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8 .

Which of the following parts of the city form 70% of the total population of the city ?

A.  A&D
B.  A,D&E
C.  C,D&E
D.  B&C
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9 .

If 8000 people come from outside to live in Part B of the city, the percentage share of Part B increases by

A.  12.52%
B.  16.8%
C.  11.31%
D.  14.9%
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10 .

In the total population of the city, 20% are children, 50% are men and the rest are women. What is the likely difference  between the number of women living in part D and that inpart E of the city ?

A.  4200
B.  4400
C.  4600
D.  4800
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