1 .

What is the number of quadrilaterals that can be formed by joining the vertices of a polygon of seven sides ?

A.  70
B.  45
C.  40
D.  35
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2 .

An unbiased coin is tossed 5 times. Find the chances that tail will appear exactly twice.

A.  5/16
B.  5/32
C.  21/64
D.  15/32
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3 .

What is the compound interest on Rs 17500 in 2 years ? The rate of interest is 10% for the first year and 12% for the second year

A.  Rs 3680
B.  Rs 3820
C.  Rs 4060
D.  Rs 4175
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4 .

The simple interest on a sum of money will be Rs 500 after 3 years. In the next 6 years, the principal becomes 5 times. What will be the total interest at the end of 8 years ?

A.  Rs 4200
B.  Rs 4800
C.  Rs 5200
D.  Rs 5500
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5 .

A vessel of 50 litres is filled with milk and water. 40% of the milk and 15% of the water is taken out of the vessel. It is found that the vessel is emptied by 30%. What was the initial quantity of milk and water ?

A.  30 litres, 20 litres
B.  24 litres, 15 litres
C.  20 litres, 16 litres
D.  25 litres, 20 litres
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6 .

A shopkeeper sold an item for Rs 600 after giving 20% discount on the labelled price and made 24% profit on the cost price. What would have been the percentage profit if he had not given the discount ?

A.  44%
B.  55%
C.  64%
D.  22%
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7 .

Two cars travelled equal distances at the speed of 50 kmh"1 and 40 kmh"1 respectively. What is the distance if one car takes 5 hours longer than the other ?

A.  1200 km
B.  1000 km
C.  800 km
D.  750 km
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8 .

Two trains of length 120m and 80m respectively with different speeds pass a pole in 3 seconds and 8 seconds respectively. In what time will they cross each other when they are moving in opposite directions ?

A.  4 seconds
B.  5.5 seconds
C.  2 seconds
D.  5 seconds
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9 .

The diagonal of a square is 8m. What is the area of the sauare ?

A.  64 sq m
B.  32 sq m
C.  16√2 sq m
D.  40 sq m
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10 .

A man takes four times as long to row up as to row down the river. If the rate of river is 6 kmh"1 what is the rate of the man in still water ?

A.  10 kmph
B.  9 kmph
C.  12 kmph
D.  15 kmph
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