1 .

What will be the area (in square metres) of 1.5 metre wide garden developed around all the four sides of a rectangular field having area equal to 300 square metres and breadth equal to three-fourth of the length ?

A.  96
B.  105
C.  114
D.  Cannot be determined
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2 .

In a two digit positive number, the digit in the unit's place is equal to the square of the digit in ten's place, and the difference between the number and the number obtained by interchanging the digits is 54. What is 40 % of the original number ?

A.  15.6
B.  39
C.  37.2
D.  24
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3 .

Vishwa s borrowed a total amount of Rs. 30,000 part of it on simple interest, rate of 12 p . c . p . a . and remaining on simple interest rate of 10 p.c.p.a. If at the end of 2 years he paid in all Rs. 36,480 to settle the loan amount, what was the amount borrowed at 12 p.c.p.a.?

A.  Rs. 16000
B.  Rs. 18000
C.  Rs. 17500
D.  Rs. 12000
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4 .

If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 1/4 and the denominator is decreased by 3 the new fraction obtained is 33/64. What was the original fraction ?

A.  9/11
B.  5/7
C.  3/7
D.  None of these
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5 .

Twice the square of a number is more than eleven times the number by 21. The number can have which of the following values ?

A.  4 or -7/2
B.  7 or -3/2
C.  3 or -7/2
D.  9/2 or -4
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6 .

Direction (Q. 6-10) : Study the following graph carefully tio answer these questions.

Quantity of various items sold and price per kg.

If the quantity sold of item D increased by 50% and the price reduced by 10% What was the total value of the quantity sold for item D ?

A.  Rs.675
B.  Rs. 6750
C.  Rs. 67550
D.  Rs. 67500
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7 .

Approximately, What is the average price per kg of item A, B and C ?

A.  Rs. 9.50
B.  Rs. 8
C.  Rs. 7.50
D.  Rs. 11.6
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8 .

What is the ratio between the total values of quantity sold for items E and F respectively ?

A.  15:14
B.  3:2
C.  5:7
D.  7:5
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9 .

Total value of the quantity sold for item C is what per cent of the total value of the quantity sold for item E ?

A.  111
B.  85
C.  90
D.  87.5
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10 .

If the price as well as the quantity sold is increased by 2 0% for item A, what is the total value of quantity sold for item A ?

A.  Rs. 48500
B.  Rs. 49000
C.  Rs. 42000
D.  Rs. 50400
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