1 .

If the positions of the digits of a two-digit number are interchanged, the number obtained is smaller than the original number by 27. If the digits of the number are in the ratio 2 : 5, what is the original number ?

A.  52
B.  25
C.  36
D.  63
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2 .

A man walks from A to B and back to A in a certain time at the rate of 5 1/2km an hour. If he had walked from A to B at the rate of 4 1/2 km an hour and back from B to A at the rate of 5 1/2 km an hour, he would have taken 80/33 minutes longer. Find the distance between A and B.

A.  0.83 km
B.  l km
C.  1.5 km
D.  3 km
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3 .

The distance from Delhi to Agra in 280 km. A person travels in three phases—first 100 km at the rate of Rs 40 per kilometre, next 60 km at the rate of Rs 65 per kilometre, and the rest distance at the rate of Rs 75 per kilometre. How much money does he pay for the journey ?

A.  Rs 7885
B.  Rs 20600
C.  Rs 16900
D.  Rs 8280
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4 .

Two trains are travelling towards one another on parallel tracks at the speeds of 30 km/h and x km/h. If the two trains are 120-m and 130-m-long respectively, and they take 18 seconds to cross each other completely, what is the value of x ?

A.  50
B.  48
C.  30
D.  20
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5 .

30% of a number is 17 - What is 56% of that number ?

A.  75
B.  67.8
C.  50.9
D.  32.9
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6 .

A side of a right-angle triangle is four times the second side. If third side, the hypotenuse of the triangle, is A/272 cm, what would its area be ?

A.  22 cm2
B.  18 cm2
C.  32 cm2
D.  20 cm2
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7 .

A Daily Milk chocolate costs Rs 56 and a packet of Parle G biscuits costs Rs 14. What will be the cost (in Rs) of 18 dozen Dairy Milk chocolates and 8 dozens of Parle biscuits ?

A.  Rs 12000
B.  Rs 13400
C.  Rs 16800
D.  None of these
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8 .

The populations of two towns A and B were in the ratio 3:4. After two years, the population of town A increased by 12% and that of town B decreased by 12%. If their total population after two years is 1072 lakhs, what was their total population originally ?

A.  192825
B.  126250
C.  155655
D.  175000
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9 .

The radius of a circle is increased by 40%. By what percentage will its area increase ?

A.  96%
B.  200%
C.  120%
D.  60%
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10 .

20 apples were boughtforarupee. Approximately how many apples must be sold for a rupee to gain a profit of 30% ?

A.  12
B.  10
C.  18
D.  15
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