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Average age of total 80 students from three classes, V, VI and VII, is 13 years. Average age of 30 students of class V is 11 1/2 years. If average age of another 30 students of class VI is 12 1/2 years, what is the average aage of rest of 20 students of class VIII ?

A.  13 1/2 years
B.  14 1/2 years
C.  15 years
D.  16 years
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A box contains 4 black and 5 red balls and another box contains 5 black and 4 red balls. One ball is to drawn from either of two boxes. What is the probability of drawing a black ball ?

A.  1/9
B.  2/9
C.  4/9
D.  1/2
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The Salary of an employee increase consistently by 15% per year. If his present salary is Rs. 24000 then what will his salary be after 3 years ?

A.  Rs. 32497
B.  Rs. 34384
C.  Rs. 35065
D.  Rs. 36501
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The difference between the compound interest and simple interest at the ratio of 10% per annum  at the end of two years is Rs. 496.20. If the compound interest is compounded every six months, what is the sum ?

A.  Rs. 24000
B.  Rs. 30000
C.  Rs. 32000
D.  Rs. 36000
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A man covers a certain distance on bike. Had he moved 4 kmph faster, he would have taken 72 minutes less. If he moves slow by 4 kmph, he will take hours more to cover the distance. What is the distance travelled by him ?

A.  48 km
B.  56 km
C.  64 km
D.  96 km
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Direction (Q. 6-10): A survey was conducted on 80000 TV viewers from six cities A, B, C, D, E and F. Following pie-chart shows the percentage distribution of total number of people and the table shows the percentage of people who watch these different channels.

What is the total number of people from all cities who watch Star TV ?

A.  47188
B.  47288
C.  47388
D.  47488
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What is the ratio of the total number of Zee TV viewers from City D to the total number of Colors TV viewers from City C ?

A.  9:7
B.  13:17
C.  17:15
D.  18:17
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In which of the following cities is the total number of Zee TV viewers maximum ?

A.  A
B.  B
C.  C
D.  D
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What is the difference between the average number of Colors TV viewers and the average number of SAB TV viewers ?

A.  1482
B.  1484
C.  1486
D.  1488
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The total number of Sony TV viewers from City B is what percentage more than the total number of Star TV viewers from City D ?

A.  32%
B.  42%
C.  52%
D.  62%
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