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Direction (Q. 1-4): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:
Eight villages—M, K, J, T, R, D, N and W—are located on either side of a road running from North to South, with four villages on either side. Each village on one side is located exactly opposite to a village on the other side. Each village has a different population size. The most populated village is not situated at any of the ends nor does it face East. Village T has the least population and is exactly opposite Village D, which faces West. Village R has less population than only Village K and faces West. Village D has more population than Village M but less population than only R and K. Village W is exactly opposite Village J, which faces West. Village N is third to the left of T and second to the left of M. Village N has more population than Village J but less population than W, which has less population than M.

Which village has more population than only T ?

A.  N
B.  J
C.  W
D.  Data inadequate
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2 .

How many villages have more population than Village M ?

A.  Three
B.  Two
C.  Four
D.  Data inadequate
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3 .

Which village is exactly opposite Village R ?

A.  W
B.  N
C.  M
D.  Data inadequate
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4 .

Which of the following groups of villages faces West ?

D.  None of these
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Direction (Q. 5-7): A National Film Festival was organised from 18th to 25th of a month, 18th being Wednesday. In this festival, various regional films, viz Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Tamil, were shown on each day. Only one film is shown in a day. Following conditions had to be complied with:
(i) Bhojpuri film was shown on the previous day of Punjabi film.
(ii) Gujarati film was shown on Monday.
(iii) Tamil film was not shown on the last day, ie 25th.
(iv) There was a gap of two days between Punjabi and Telugu film.
(v) No film was shown on Sunday and Thursday.
(vi) Telugu film was shown neither on Wednesday nor on Saturday.

The Film Festival was inaugurated with which of the following films ?

A.  Bhojpuri
B.  Tamil
C.  Punjabi
D.  Bengali
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6 .

Which of the following films were shown on two consecutive Wednesdays ?

A.  Punjabi, Bhojpuri
B.  Tamil, Bengali
C.  Telugu, Punjabi
D.  Tamil, Punjabi
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7 .

A gap of how many days was there between Tamil film and Telugu film ?

A.  Two
B.  Three
C.  Four
D.  Five