Direction (Q. 1 - 10): In the following passage, there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits in the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
A little-known 31 in north-east India could be home to the world's largest number of wildcat species, with no less than seven 32 photo-documented by a wildlife biologist at the 33 of her two-year survey. Kashmira Kakati's camera shots 34 that the wildcats share a relatively small, 500-sq-km 35 of rainforest in the Jeypore Deling lowlands in Assam, which 36 the Deling Patkai wildlife Sanetuary.
Among the cats are the elusive and 37 clouded leopard, the marbled cat and the Asian golden cat, 38 the.relatively more widely 39 tiger. the leopard, the leopard cat, and the jungle cat.
"To discover what is, most likely, the 40 number of wild cat species sharing a single area gives us a mere glimpse of what species the Jeypore-Deling forests hold," says Jim Sanderson.

Q. 1) Dvillage 2) town 3) hutment 4) place 5) rainforest

A.  Dvillage
B.  town
C.  hutment
D.  rainforest
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Q. 1) groups 2) types 3) tribes 4) species 5) herd

A.  groups
B.  types
C.  tribes
D.  species
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Q. 1) beginning 2) end 3)arrival 4) research 5) inauguration

A.  beginning
B.  end
C.  arrival
D.  research
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Q. 1) reveal 2) picturise 3) photos 4) indicates 5) measure

A.  reveal
B.  picturise
C.  photos
D.  indicates
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Q. 1) long 2) patch 3) road 4) wide 5) jungle

A.  long
B.  patch
C.  road
D.  wide
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Q. 1) contain 2) include 3)exclude 4) crasses 5) passes

A.  contain
B.  include
C.  exclude
D.  crasses
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Q. 1) rare 2) common 3) widespread 4) notorious 5) fierce

A.  rare
B.  common
C.  widespread
D.  notorious
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Q. 1) besides 2) despite 3) like 4) so 5) also

A.  besides
B.  despite
C.  like
D.  so
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Q. 1) confined 2) confound 3) distributed 4) robbed 5) guessed

A.  confined
B.  confound
C.  distributed
D.  robbed
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Q. 1) minimum 2) maximum 3) abundant 4) plenty 5) extinct

A.  minimum
B.  maximum
C.  abundant
D.  plenty
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