Direction (Q. 1 - 10): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
Life never has smooth path. Our journey on it is bumpy. Many a time we find ourselves in a crisis. We feel desperate, helpless, lonely and depressed. Causes of this may be many and vary from person to person. But the solution to it is certainly similar. If we learn how to cope up with emotional crisis, we may be able to tackle this more gracefully.
When you find yourself in a situation of this sort, keep communication open and ongoing. Don't suppress your feelings and think that others might belittle you. Sure, you will have somebody in your family or your social circle; lean on them. A talk to someone about your problems may promote your mental health, ease you out of an embarrassing moment of your life. Certainly, it serves as an outlet to your pent-up anger and helplessness.
Yet another way to overcome an emotional crisis is getting involved in a support group and accepting help with no second thought. When you are down and out, that is when you need others to lift up your spirits, you need a few words of encouragement with the help of which you will be in a better position to regain your lost self-confidence.
A counsellor can lend a helping hand to you. They help you define, understand, and cope up with your problems. You must understand that when you are distraught, you need to be more focused. When you are made to understand, you will be able to find a solution to your own problem. Slowly you develop the needed acumen to handle your emotions when a similar situation arises your life.

What are the reasons that may lead us to crisis ?

A.  Reasons may be many and vary from person to person.
B.  Lack of confidence as well as trustworthiness
C.  Both 1 and 2
D.  Either 1 or 2
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What are the symptoms of a man in crisis ?

A.  He has a disastrous look.
B.  He feels desperate and helpless.
C.  He feels lonely and depressed.
D.  Only (1) and (2)
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According to the writer, how can we tackle a crisis situation gracefully ?

A.  By dint of patience
B.  By confidence and courage
C.  By learning how to cope up with emotional crisis
D.  All the above
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What does the author suggest us to do first in a crisis condition ?

A.  We should go to our kith and kin.
B.  We should keep communication open and going
C.  Both 1 and 2
D.  Either 1 or 2
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How can we come out of an embarrassing moment of our life easily ?

A.  We should call our colleagues and ask them for the solution
B.  We must have a talk with our support group.
C.  Both 1 and 2
D.  We must not think of embarrassment and proceed further with confidence.
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Besides open talk, what else does the author suggest to overcome an emotional crisis ?

A.  Nowadays only money power can overcome all sorts of crisis.
B.  None but friends can help us overcome an emotional crisis.
C.  Getting involved in a support group and accepting help if offered
D.  Both 2 and 3
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What is the benefit of a discussion with our support group regarding our problems ?

A.  It may promote our mental health.
B.  A few words of encouragement can do wonders.
C.  We should get the tips for keeping our spirits high.
D.  Both 2 and 3
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What does a person need most when he is down ?

A.  Periodical leave from his job
B.  Words of encouragement from well wishers who could help him lift his spirits.
C.  Meditation in a secluded environment.
D.  All the above
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How can a councellor be helpful to us when we are distraught ?

A.  Even a desire to seek the services of a counsellor is nothing but foolish.
B.  He may be helpful to us psychologically.
C.  He may help us define, understand and cope up with our problems.
D.  Only 2 and 3
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How we can find a solution to our problems ?

A.  We are required to get a blind support from our family members.
B.  For finding a solution we need to be focused.
C.  A proper understanding helps us become focused and find a solution.
D.  Both 2 and 3
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