Direction (Q. 1 - 8): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
Child psychology is certainly not a strong point for most of the Indian schools; why else would they inflict double trauma on the students failing badly in the pre-boards by banning them from taking the board exams? This often gives fatal results as evidenced by reports of student suicides in the run-up to the boards.NowtheCentralBoard of Secondary Education (CBSE) has stepped in and has put brakes on this discriminatory practice. It has ruled that no student can be barred from the boards without prior clearance from the CBSE. This is good news for parents and students, many of whom have had to live under the threat of performance-linked debarment. While the schools' logic is that in order to attract talented students, it needs to maintain performance records at high levels. It is faulty to assume that a student failing badly at pre-boards will replicate the performance at boards. There are chances that the student will be spurred to double the effort. On the other hand, the threat of debarment will certainly have adverse impact on their performance. Of course, linking pre-boards to the boards is one of the problems with our school system.

Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word 'SPUR' as used in the passage.

A.  depress
B.  enlarge
C.  explicate
D.  sustain
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According to the passage, what is good news for the parents ?

A.  Students will be the responsibility of the school.
B.  Schools will provide the study materials to poor students.
C.  Schools will have to ensure higher attendance of the students.
D.  No student can be debarred from the boards without prior clearance from the CBSE
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CBSE has ruled that

A.  students must pass the pre-board exam before appearing for the board exam.
B.  schools must follow the practice of performance linked debarment.
C.  schools should motivate students.
D.  None of these
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What is the fauity assumption of schools as the passage suggests ?

A.  Poor result at pre-boards will motivate students to work hard.
B.  Since the pre-boards are easy, students take them very lightly.
C.  Students who fail poorly at the pre-boards will fail at the boards too.
D.  All the above
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Which of the following is the problem with our school system ?

A.  Providing study facilities to the students
B.  Linking the pre-board performance of students to the boards
C.  Teachers lack of understanding child psychology.
D.  Attracting talented students
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According to the passage, parents had to live with the threat of

A.  falling grades of their wards
B.  not getting their wards admitted to quality schools
C.  schools not treating their wards as a counselor
D.  schools creating traumatic situations for their wards
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Direction (Q. 7 - 8): Choose the word or group of words which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold.


A.  Enhance
B.  Repeat
C.  Perform
D.  Achieve
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A.  Discontinue
B.  Defect
C.  Accept
D.  Prevent
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Direction (Q. 9 - 10): Each sentence here contains a word or a phrase which is given in/bold. Choose the word nearest in meaning to the bold part from the given options.

He felt incensed at the way he was treated.

A.  hurt
B.  tortured
C.  angry
D.  insulted
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Officers responsible for the abortive coup were punished.

A.  unsatisfying
B.  bloodless
C.  unsuccessful
D.  chaotic
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