Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
During the reign of King Veer, there lived a wise magistrate. Haripant's verdicts were always just and people from all over the vast kingdom came to him in order to settle their disputes. In the city where Haripant lived, there was a greedy ghee merchant named Niranjan. He always kept twenty barrels of ghee. Of these, fifteen would contain good quality ghee and the remaining would be adulterated. He would mix the two and sell it. This went on for a long time, till finally the people fed up of being cheated, complained to Haripant.
Haripant had the ghee examined and found it to be adulterated. He gave Niranjan a choice of punishmentdrink the five barrels of adulterated ghee from his shop, or receive a hundred lashings, or pay a thousand gold coins to the treasury. Niranjan thought for a while. Losing a thousand gold coins was too much and a hundred lashings too painful. So he decided to drink the five barrels of ghee. Though Niranjan sold adulterated goods in his shop, he made sure his own food was of the best quality. So after drinking one barrel of ghee he began to feel sick. By the second barrel, he was vomiting. At this point he decided to opt for the lashings instead. But he was pampered and his body was unused to any harsh treatment. After ten lashes, he started trembling and by twenty he was giddy. 'Stop!' he screamed. 'I will pay the thousand gold coins!' And he handed them over.
So he ended up suffering all three punishments, something he did not forget in a hurry and the people of the city got to use only the best quality ghee in their food from then on !.

Why did Niranjan Keep five barrels of adulterated ghee ?

A.  To sell to customers who could not afford high quality ghee
B.  To make a profit by cheating people
C.  Being a miser he kept the low quality ghee for his family.
D.  Demand for this ghee was low so he kept only a small quantity.
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Why did the people decide to go to Haripant with their complaint ?

A.  He was close to the King and would get justice for them.
B.  They knew Niranjan was afraid of Haripant who punished people severely.
C.  They were confident that he would listen to their complaint and give a fair judgement.
D.  He was the only magistrate in the entire kingdom.
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Why did Haripant allow Niranjan to choose his own punishment ?

A.  He felt sorry for Niranjan
B.  Niranjans offence was minor
C.  He did not want Niranjan to appeal to the King for leniency.
D.  None of these
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Which of the following can be said about Niranjan ?
(A)He took a lot of time to make any decision
(B)He only cheated those who would not dare complain against him.
(C)He was allergic to ghee and fell sick whenever he consumed it.

A.  None
B.  Only A
C.  Both A and B
D.  None of these
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Why did Niranjan decide to drink adulterated ghee for his punishment ?

A.  Since the barrels were from his shop he thought he could substitute the adulterated ghee with good ghee.
B.  He wanted to prove that the quality of ghee he sold was good.
C.  He was greedy and had a big appetite so he thought he would easily drink the ghee.
D.  He considered it the easiest of the punishments as he did not realise what effect the ghee would have on him.
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How did Haripant arrive at the conclusion that Niranjan. sold adulterated ghee ?

A.  Niranjan was ill when he drank the ghee from his shop.
B.  He had the ghee tested to see if it was adulterated.
C.  He trusted the word of those who had complained to him.
D.  He too was duped by Niranjan.
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Which of the following is NOT true in the context of the passage ?
(A) Niranjan's customers were so angry that they beat him mercilessly.
(B) King Veer's kingdom was large
(C) Niranjan had a very good memory.

A.  Only A
B.  Only B
C.  Both A and C
D.  All A,B and C
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What made Niranjan opt for paying the fine last of all ?

A.  He would be deeply in debt if he paid it.
B.  He knew Haripant would keep the money for himself.
C.  No one was willing to lend him money.
D.  He could not bear to part with such a huge sum.
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What effect did Niranjan's punishment have ?

A.  All the merchants learnt their lesson and supplied only good quality ghee.
B.  Niranjan lost all his customers and had to close down his shop.
C.  People began to fear Haripant because of his severe punishments.
D.  Niranjan gave into all his customers demands even if it meant making a loss.
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Why did Niranjan suffer three punishments ?

A.  He had cheated so many people that his punishment had to be severe.
B.  Haripant had ordered this so that Niranjan would never repeat his offence.
C.  Haripant wanted to make an example of him so that other merchants would not cheat their customers.
D.  Niranjan could not decide which punishment to undergo so Haripant awarded him all three punishments.
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