Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : In each of the following sentences, there are blanks. Below each sentence, there are four pairs of words denoted by numbers 1,2,3 and 4. Find out which pair of words can be filled up in the blanks in sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

The way Dara kept knocking over things, he was______ like a bull in a______ shop.

A.  very, cattle
B.  much, English
C.  most, Chinese
D.  more, China
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Techniques of photography are used to make us feels______as the director and the cameraman wish us to______.

A.  just, look
B.  exactly, feel
C.  nearly, view
D.  somewhat, watch
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Since Bhaskar was a(n)______ photographer, he didn't charge us any______ for taking our picture.

A.  professional, cost
B.  amateur, money
C.  unknown, rupee
D.  useless, price
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With a roar, the tiger______ at the hunter who quickly______a tree.

A.  charged, climbed
B.  smiled, jumped
C.  laughed, rode
D.  jumped, ran to
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We had to pay the taxi more because he______ us by a______route.

A.  caught, circular
B.  brought, circuitous
C.  bought, short
D.  carried, circumscribed
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It was a______ moment for Rahul______ he finally gathered up his courage and told Meena that he loved her.

A.  single, then
B.  poignant, when
C.  distressing, who
D.  silly, whom
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Children below the age of twelve years can be______ only; by the______ court.

A.  tested, supreme
B.  checked, high
C.  examine, district
D.  tried, juvenile
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The postman could not______ the registered letter because; he found no one at______.

A.  give, room
B.  take, residence
C.  deliver, home
D.  deposit, building
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Kallu was the only one who couldn't______ it to the civil services. He was regarded as the______ sheep of the family.

A.  lead, foolish
B.  pass, poor
C.  make, black
D.  get, white
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He had a______ shave when his car missed______ a tree.

A.  clean, hit
B.  near, crash
C.  bad, crashing
D.  close, hitting
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