Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its part as bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct as it is, please give 4) as your answer, ie No correction required.

The young player won the match to his senior in a fluke.

A.  with his senior in a fluke
B.  against his senior by fluke
C.  to his senior by a fluke
D.  against his senior in with a fluke
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Being a misogynist he confined to a male society.

A.  confined himself to male society
B.  confined himself to a male society
C.  confined to male society
D.  was confined to in male society
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A speedy car ran off a school boy while he was crossing the road at an intersection.

A.  ran away
B.  ran at
C.  ran over
D.  ran into
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All the staff members hates him sleeping most of the time.

A.  hate him sleeping
B.  hate his sleep
C.  hate his sleeping
D.  hate him sleep
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Many a people believe that it is inhuman to make use of innocent animals for research purpose.

A.  Many a people believes
B.  Many people believe
C.  Many people believes
D.  Many of people believe
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We are better acquainted with our nation than you.

A.  nation than your
B.  nation than you are
C.  nation that you are
D.  nation of yours
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Hearing the barking of the dog which chained, the thief ran away.

A.  who chained
B.  that chained
C.  who was chained
D.  which was chained
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If you have been careful, you could have avoided the accident.

A.  Had you been
B.  If you were
C.  Had you have been
D.  Have you been
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The opposition leader made along speech.

A.  gave a long
B.  deliver a long
C.  did gave a long
D.  No correction required
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When we had rose to leave, the host requested us to have rest for some more hours.

A.  had risen
B.  had been rising
C.  was rising
D.  had been risen
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