Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Each question below has one/two blank/s. Each blank indicates that something has been omitted. Choose the words/sets of words which best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

The kind-hearted judge___________ the thief since he had__________for the theft.

A.  punished, accepted
B.  acquitted, called
C.  apologised, forced
D.  pardoned, repented
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The student__________ the conversation without waiting__________the speaker to stop talking.

A.  interferred, of
B.  interrupted, for
C.  interpreted, to
D.  disturb, by
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The play_________ have begun at eight but the___________didn't rise until half past eight.

A.  may, actor
B.  would, director
C.  should, curtain
D.  might, player
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The earfh is usually__________ by a sphere.

A.  represented
B.  drawn
C.  rotated
D.  held
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_________he invited me, I__________ have gone to the meeting.

A.  If, could
B.  Because, might
C.  Unless, should
D.  Had, would
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He was__________ because the court found him__________of murdering his wife.

A.  freed, dubious
B.  excused, admitting
C.  locked, suspicious
D.  released, innocent
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Nowadays he is__________ busy to take care of his health.

A.  very
B.  extremely
C.  much
D.  too
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Though__________ of many acquaintances, I desire__________only with a few.

A.  like, friendship
B.  wish, exchange
C.  fond, intimacy
D.  think, meeting
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I shall go__________ Mumbai tomorrow to see the doctor you__________.

A.  for, say
B.  in, advice
C.  from, counsel
D.  to, recommend
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I want to have a__________ of flats on rental basis.

A.  set
B.  pack
C.  group
D.  block
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