Direction (Q. 1 - 5) : Read each sentence to find out whether there is , any grammatical error or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one, part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is no error the answer is (4). (Ignore errors of punctuation if any.)

Q. 1) The basketball match /2) was organized and /3) the sponsored by his /4) father's company

A.  The basketball match
B.  was organized and
C.  the sponsored by his
D.  father's company
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Q. 1) There were many /2) factors that contributed /3) to the success /4) of this experiments

A.  There were many
B.  factors that contributed
C.  to the success
D.  of this experiments
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Q. 1) Child labour is /2) considered to be /3) illegal in /4) many countries

A.  Child labour is
B.  considered to be
C.  illegal in
D.  many countries
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Q. 1) She always remembers /2) to switch off all the /3) lights and fans before /4) leaving a rooms

A.  She always remembers
B.  to switch off all the
C.  lights and fans before
D.  leaving a rooms
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Q. 1) Inspite of the /2) heavy raining Raj /3) decided to go /4) for the meeting

A.  Inspite of the
B.  heavy raining Raj
C.  decided to go
D.  for the meeting
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Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : In each question below, four words printed in bold type are given. These are numbered ( I ) , (2), (3) and (4). One of these words printed in bold may either be wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the word that Is inappropriate or wrongly spelt, if any. The number of that word is your answer. If all the words printed in bold are correctly spelt and appropriate in the context of the sentence then mark (4) i.e. 'All Correct' as your answer.

Q. 1) Information /2) about the exam /3) was displaid /4) on the notice

A.  Information
B.  about the exam
C.  was displaid
D.  on the notice
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Q. 1) Richa promised /2) to kleen /3) her room /4) on Sunday

A.  Richa promised
B.  to kleen
C.  her room
D.  on Sunday
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Q. 1) The robers /2) tried to get /3) into the house /4) through the balcony

A.  The robers
B.  tried to get
C.  into the house
D.  through the balcony
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Q. 1) The strike /2) continued for 3 days, because /3) of which the company /4) All Correct

A.  The strike
B.  continued for 3 days, because
C.  of which the company
D.  All Correct
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Q. 1) There /2) were many /3) seagulls /4) All Correct

A.  There
B.  were many
C.  seagulls
D.  All Correct
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