Direction (Q. 1 - 10) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
Princess Chandravati was very beautiful. She loved all kinds of ornaments and always wanted to wear the most precious and lovely jewels. Once, a jeweller came to the palace and gifted the king a wonderful diamond necklace. It glittered with big and small diamonds. It was certainly a very expensive necklace. The princess fell in love with it as soon as she saw it. So the king presented it to her. From that day on, the princess always wore that necklace, wherever she went. One day before going for a swim in the pond, she took the necklace off and put in the hands of her oldest and the most trustworthy servant. “Hold this and be careful.This is the most precious necklace in the whole world,” she said. The servant was an old woman. She sat under a tree, holding, the ornament lightly and waited for the princess. It was a hot afternoon and the servant was very tired so she dozed off under the tree. Suddenly the servant felt that someone was tugging at the necklace and She woke up with a start. She looked around but no one was there and the necklace was gone. Scared out of her wits, the old servant started screaming. On hearing her scream the royal guards rushed to her. She pointed towards the direction in which the thief may have gone and the guards ran off that way. There was a poor and dim - witted farmer walking on the same road. As soon as he saw the royal guards running towards him, he thought that they wanted to catch him and started running. But he was not a strong man and could not outrun the hefty guards. The royal guards caught him in no time “Where is it?” they demanded, shaking him. “Where is what ?” the poor farmer stammered back. The necklace you stole !” thundered one of the royal guards. The farmer had no idea what they were talking about. He only understood that some precious necklace was lost and he was supposed to have it .He quickly replied, “I don’t know where it is now. I gave it to my landlord.”The guards ran towards the landlord’s house. “Give us the necklace right new !” the guards demanded of the fat landlord. “Necklace’? I don’t have any!” the stunned landlord replied. “Then tell us quickly who does,” demanded the soldiers. In order to get the royal guards off his back, the landlord pointed towards a priest who was walking by his house and said, “He does.” The guards now caught hold of the priest who was walking towards the temple and thinking about the lunch he had  just eaten. The priest was stunned when one of the burly guards jumped on him and asked about the necklace. He remembered that the minister, Bhupati, was at the temple. He took the guards to the temple and pointed towards the praying minister, “I gave it to him” he said. Bhupati too was caught and all four men were thrown in jail. The chief minister of the kingdom knew Bhupati well and was sure that Bhupati would never steal. He decided to find out who the culprit was. He hid near the jail.where all four men were put and heard them talking. First, Bhupati asked the priest, “Panditji, why did you say that you gave the necklace to me? I was quietly praying at the temple and now you have landed me in jail for no fault of mine.” The priest looked apologetic. He pointed towards the landlord and said “I didn‘t know what to say. He set the guards on me. I was simply passing by his house and was on my way to the temple.” The land lord looked at the priest sheepishly. Then he turned towards the poor farmer and yelled, “You lazy good-for-nothing man! Why did you say that I had the necklace?” The farmer, trembling under the angry gaze of all three men, said, “I was just walking home. The guards caught me and I did not know what to say.” On hearing this conve rsation, the chief minister understood that all the four men were innocent. He immediately ordered the royal guards to search thoroughly, near the pond. The guards searched high and low till they saw something glinting on the tree. On the tree sat a monkey with the princess’ favourite necklace around his neck. It took a lot of coaxing and bananas before the monkey threw the necklace on the ground. The king apologised to all the four men and gave them gold coins as compensation. He requested his daughter to wear the necklace only indoors.

Why did the king present the diamond necklace to his daughter ?

A.  She liked ornaments and had grown very fond of the diamond necklace
B.  The king did not like ornaments and had no use of the necklace
C.  She had demanded the necklace from him
D.  The king liked to give expensive gifts to his daughter
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What did the old servant realize when she woke up ?

A.  That there were monkeys in the palace garden
B.  That the princess’ necklace was missing from her hands
C.  That a poor farmer had stolen the necklace
D.  That the princess had snatched the necklace from her hands
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Why did the poor farmer run ?

A.  He was in a hurry to reach home and hide the stolen necklace
B.  He was worried that the guards would reach his house before him
C.  He had stolen the necklace and did not want to be interrogated by the guards
D.  He saw the royal guards running after him and thought they would arrest him
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Why did the landlord lie about the necklace ?

A.  He wanted to prove that the old servant was lying
B.  It was a conspiracy between him and the poor farmer
C.  He did not like the priest and wanted to get him punished
D.  He didnt know anything about it and wanted to get rid of the guards
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Why did the chief minister decide to intervene in the case of the stolen necklace ?

A.  He suspected that the old servant was the actual culprit
B.  He knew that the poor farmer was dim-witted and that he had created all the confusion
C.  He knew that Bhupati was an honest minister and would never do such a thing
D.  He suspected that the landlord was the actual culprit and wanted to get him punished
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What did the chief minister do in order to find out who the actual culprit was ?

A.  He sent a spy and asked him to find out the actual culprit
B.  He directly asked Bhupati if he had stolen the princess necklace
C.  He asked the soldiers to keep a thorough watch on the old servant
D.  He hid near the jail and overheard the conversation among the four men
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Who among the following was the actual culprit ?

A.  The monkey
B.  Bhupati, the minister
C.  The poor dimwitted farmer
D.  The old and trusted servant
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Which of the following is true according to the passage ?

A.  The necklace was made of big and small rubies
B.  The royal guards did not hear the old servant scream
C.  The royal guards were polite to all four men
D.  The priest was on his way to the temple
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Arrange the following incidents in a chronological order as they occurred in the passage.
1 The landlord pointed towards the priest                          2 The old servant dozed off
3 The monkeys were offered bananas                                  4 A jeweller visited the king

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What did the king do after the necklace was found ?

A.  He rewarded the chief minister and thanked him
B.  He rewarded the guards
C.  He took the necklace away from the princess
D.  He apologised to all the four men
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