Directions (Q. 1 - 2) : In each of the questions below are given four Statements follovved by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You have to take the given Statements to betrueeven if they seem to beatvariance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given Statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Statements: All sofas are tables.
                     All tables are telephones.
                     All telephones are cell phones.
                     No cell phone is a Computer.
Conclusions : I. All cell phones are tables.
                        II. Some sofas are Computers.
                        III. No sofa is a Computer.

A.  Only I follows
B.  Only II follows
C.  Only III follows
D.  Only either II or III follows
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Statements: Some mountains are hüls.
                      All hüls are mountains.
                      All mountains are rivulets.
                      No rivulet is acanal.
Conclusions : I. All mountains are rivulets.
                        II. Some hüls are canals.
                        III. Some rivulets are canals.

A.  Only I follows
B.  Only II & III follow
C.  Only I & III follow
D.  None follows
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Direction (Q. 3 - 7) : An arrangement machine, when given an input line of words, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is the Illustration of the input and the Steps ol'arrangement:
Input: I was not present at the spot
Step I: I spot not present at the was
Step II : 1 at not present spot the was
Step III: at I not present spot the was
Since the words are already arranged. the machine stops after this step. Otherwise the machine may carry on its logic untü the words get fully arranged. Study the logic and answer the questions that follow:

Input: The employees of Peregrine are on tenterhooks Which of the following will be the last step for the given input ?

A.  Six
B.  Five
C.  Four
D.  Three
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Input: There is no confirmation yet of the job For the above input. which step will be the following arrangement ?
Arrangement: The is no confirmation job of there yet

A.  Step V
B.  Step IV
C.  Step VI
D.  Step II
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Which of the following is a probable input if Step III reads as follows ?
Step III: Ofall now mergers the under were

A.  Of all the mergers now under were
B.  Ofall the mergers were now under
C.  Of all the mergers under now were
D.  Mergers were now ofall the under
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Input: The blasts were aimed at our leader
Which of the following will be step II ?

A.  The blasts aimed at our leader were
B.  The blasts leader aimed at our were
C.  Our blasts leader aimed at the were
D.  Blasts aimed at our leader the were
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Input: Both firmsconfirmed there were certain difficulties
Which of the following will be the penultimate step ?

A.  Step II
B.  Step I
C.  Step IV
D.  Step III
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Direction (Q. 8 - 10) : Read the following Information and answer the questions given below it.
i) Seven buses M. N, O, P. Q, R and S are run by a Company every day. Each bus makes a 4-hour trip.
ii) From Monday to Friday the following schedule is followed: the first bus leaves at 8 a.m., the second after 45 minutes, the next one 30 minutes later, another one after another 45 minutes. followed by the next 35 minutes later, and so on.
iii) On Saturday and Sunday the first bus leaves at 7.30 a.m. and the remaining buses at intervals of one hour each.
iv) 0 leaves immediately after M and is followed by S.
v) No bus leaves after O.
vi) R leaves immediately before M but not immediately after P.

When P is about to Finish its trip on Sunday, which bus is about to leave ?

A.  0
B.  S
C.  0
D.  Data inadequate
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If the buses leaving after M on Saturday and Sunday have the duration of their trips extended by 30 minutes each, when will O's trip etid ?

A.  3 p.m.
B.  2 p.m.
C.  6 p.m.
D.  7 p.m.
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When does bus R finish its trip on Wednesday ?

A.  9.15 a.m.
B.  1.15 p.m.
C.  1.30 p.m.
D.  Data inadequate
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