"If you want to get rid of struggle with clothes while washing, use 'x' washing powder, the no. 1 washing powder and marked with ISI." —An advertisement of'x' washing powder company
If the above statement is true then which of the following has been assumed while making the statement ?

A.  Most of the people use washing machine.
B.  Powder x is available at every store of every city.
C.  No other washing powder has been adorned with ISI mark.
D.  Many people desire convenience and comfort while washing clothes.
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'XYZ' publishing company has published various books for the competitive examination 'z' but in spite of shortage of books for the examination 'z' it has not sold even 1000 copies of each book. Each of the following, if true, could explain this except:

A.  The books do not deal with all the topics of the papers of examination z.
B.  The books consist of many printing mistakes.
C.  The prices of the books are too high to be purchased by the students.
D.  XYZ company already made a huge profit last year when it had sold various books aimed at competition M.
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In order to be appointed as a faculty member in a School of Banking, one has to get at least 75% marks in interview. In order to be an applicant for the interview one should be between 25 yrs and 30 yrs of age and have qualified in the written examination for PO at least three times or worked as a Probationary Officer in the nationalised banks or a manager in any scheduled bank. Then which of the following is definitely true if 10 persons have been selected as faculty members ?

A.  10 members got 7 5% marks in the interview.
B.  10 members had applied for the post mentioned.
C.  10 members have qualified the written examination for PO at least 10 times together.
D.  None of these
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"In what is believed to be one of the worst disasters involving the Indian Air Force's MiG-21, eight persons are reported to be killed and 16 injured when the fighter jet crashed into a bank building in a busy commercial area of Basti Adda of Jalandhar. Investigation is going on." — A news report
Which of the following can be hypothesised for the above information ?

A.  The Mig-24 was flying at more than 5,000 ft.
B.  The pilot was flying over thickly populated urban areas.
C.  The pilot of Mig-21 was on a training sortie.
D.  None of these
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"If you are lagging behind your competitors in competitive examinations, buy our Magical Book Series prepared for every competition and get a book of strategies free to succeed for every competitive exam." —An advertisement of ' A BC company.
If the above statement is true then which of the following has not been assumed while making the statement ?

A.  Magical Book Series of company ABC is available in the market.
B.  It is possible to prepare a Magical Book Series for every competition.
C.  Free book is likely to attract more customers.
D.  Most competitors are aware of the strategies to succeed for every competition.
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Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : Use the following two series of elements (alpha-number-symbol) to answer these questions. Every two-digit number (given in brackets) is to be treated as a single number.

Series I. *4ST•*23RQ-(20) P©6♦5G8•7EF9(10)O(19)

Series II. *(13)BHA*(18)KID*(14)J(15)V=(17)(16)CI(11)L(12)MUN

Four of the following five groups of elements are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?

A.  2QP
B.  1(14)(15)
C.  8E
D.  43
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If each symbol has a value of zero, and each alphabet has a value equivalent to double the numeral that immediatelyprecedes it or the value of 5 if it is not immediately preceded by a numeral, what will be the sum of the values of the first 10 elements of series I and the last 10 elements of series II ?

A.  122
B.  89
C.  112
D.  33
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If it is possible to make a meaningful word from the 9th and 24th elements of series I along with 3rd, 4th, 23rd and 31 st elements of series II (using each element only once), the third letter of the word would be your answer- If more than one such word can be formed, your answer would be S and if no such word can be formed, answer is M.

A.  S
B.  M
C.  E
D.  U
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If all the elements of series I are reversed, and the second half of series II is reversed, then which of the following pairs of elements represents seventh to the right of seventeenth element from the left of series I; and third to the left of sixth to the right of thirteenth element from the right of series II respectively ?

A.  Q,L
B.  7,1
C.  E,(11)
D.  None of these
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Which of the following groups of elements will come in the place of the question mark in the series of elements given below ?

N4   U2   M3   ?    I6

A.  L5
B.  7P
C.  7L(20)
D.  L(20)
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