Direction (Q. 1 - 2) : Use the following two series of elements (alpha-number-symbol) to answer these questions. Every two-digit number (given in brackets) is to be treated as a single number.

Series I. *4ST•*23RQ-(20) P©6♦5G8•7EF9(10)O(19)

Series II. *(13)BHA*(18)KID*(14)J(15)V=(17)(16)CI(11)L(12)MUN

It series I and series II are combined m the same order to make a mega series, ie • is followed by +, then which of the following elements will be exactly midway between 'y' and ' z ' in the mega series? Where 'y' represents the element which is exactly midway between the fifth element from the left and the sixth element from the right of series I. And 'z' represents the element which is exactly midway between the eighth element from the left and the fifth element from the right in series II.

A.  +
B.  (13)
C.  B
D.  None of these
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What is the sum of the number of numbers in the first series which are immediately followed by a letter and immediately preceded by a number, and the number of symbols in series II which are immediately preceded by a number and immediately followed by a letter ?

A.  None
B.  One
C.  Two
D.  Three
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How many pairs of letters are there in the word CATACLYSMIC which have number of letters between them one less than in the English alphabet ?

A.  Three
B.  Four
C.  Five
D.  Six
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By following a certain logic OCTOBER is written as OCtObEr and NOVEMBER is written as nOvEMbEr. How is FEBRUARY written in that logic ?

A.  ffibruAry
B.  FEbrUArY
C.  fEbrUArY
D.  fEbrUarY
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In a certain code REFERENDUM is written as HZZRBUCHDS and SIMULATION is written as ITEXXOSOHT. How is STONEMASON written in that code language ?

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Direction (Q. 6 - 10) : In each of the following questions a statement is given followed by four courses of action. A course of action is taken for improvement, follow-up etc. Read the statement carefully and select the correct answer.

Statement: Franchisees of X coaching institute, a reputed coaching institute for Bank POs, have failed to fulfil the desired expectation of policy-makers of the X coaching institute.
Courses of action:
I. All the franchisees should be called for a meeting.
II. Policy-makers should contemplatively look into the matter and take proper action to eliminate loopholes in the policies concerned.
III. A team should be sent to all the franchises to supervise their standard of teaching as well as infrastructure.
IV Criteria of allotting franchise should be revised and any harmful relaxation should be stopped.

A.  All follow
B.  Only I, II and III follow
C.  Only II, III and IV follow
D.  Only II and IV follow
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Statement: The Indian Railways owns 4.23 lakh hectares of land, making it perhaps the second largest land owner in the country. Out of these 4.23 lakh hectares, 0.2 lakh hectares is under encroachment. Now, Rail Bhawan plans to generate some money with the surplus land.
Courses of action:
I. Railways should lease out surplus land in urban areas to developers for commercial plazas and multiplexes.
II Railways should plan to offer surplus land in rural areas to plantation companies on a revenue-sharing basis.
III. Railways should sell the surplus land to the weaker sections of society on 'concessional rate'.
IV The authorities concerned should seek the help of the police to drive away encroachers after sending a prior notice to them.

A.  All follow
B.  Only I, II and IV follow
C.  Only III and IV follow
D.  Only I and II follow
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Statement: "Mishaps of MiG-21 have increased these days. Another mishap of MiG-21 took place in city X recently." — A report in a newspaper about the Indian Air Force
Courses of action:
I. The Indian Air Force should temporarily ground its fleet.
II. MiG-21 and other such aircraft should be discarded and advance versions of aircraft should be acquired immediately.
III. An enquiry committee should be set up to find out the causes of the frequent mishaps of MiG-21.
IV Only trained pilots should be permitted to take the responsibility of MiG-2 Is.

A.  Only I and II follow
B.  Allfollow
C.  Only I, II and III follow
D.  None of these
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Statement: Bikes of company X witnessed a tremendous growth last year due to attractive offers for customers, viz 0% finance scheme, etc. Now it has decided to enter the rural markets in a full-fledged way.
Courses of action:
I. The company should provide bikes in rural areas on subsidised price.
II. Price of the bikes should be kept low in comparison with the bikes of other companies used in rural areas.
III. A survey should be conducted to survey the choices and requirements (regarding bikes) of rural people as well as tropical climate of the area.
IV 0% finance scheme should be initiated by X company only for customers of rural areas.

A.  All follow
B.  Only I, II and III follow
C.  Only, II, III and IV follow
D.  Only III follows
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Statement: Intelligence agencies have warned of a new spell of jehad in state X and there is a threat of increase in cross-border terrorism.
Courses of action:
I. The Central Government should instruct CM of state X to take appropriate action.
II. Additional company of forces should be sent to X if there is a demand for it.
III. Security forces on border areas of state X should be kept on high alert.
IV Government should issue a threat to those countries which are spreading cross-border terrorism in India.

A.  All follow
B.  Only I, II and III follow
C.  Only II, III and IV follow
D.  Only III and IV follow
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